Landscaping for Beginners

LandscapingA beautifully landscaped lawn can do wonders for your property whether or not you’re thinking of selling your home. Here are some tips to beautify your surroundings and stopping traffic with your home’s curb appeal.

    1. Determine what the space is for. Granted it’s your yard, but what is it for? Is it going to be a garden? Are you planning on installing an outdoor deck? Is it going to be a play space for your kids? Determining what the space is for will allow you to make rough sketches and a landscape design that fits your yard’s purpose.

    3. Start small. As a beginner in landscaping, it’s best to start small to avoid any expensive mistakes. Take your time and live with the small changes you make so you can take note of necessary improvements and such. You can start with a small flowerbed and slowly transform your yard into an oasis.

    5. Choose native plants. Plants have to adapt to the local climate and soil conditions – something native plants won’t have a hard time doing as they have already adapted. Native plants are important in the local biosphere, attracting native butterflies, birds, and other animals. Another perk of choosing native plants is you get to save water. Unlike common horticultural plants, you won’t need to have an irrigation system installed for your native plants – they’re perfectly content with normal rainfall.
      Last but not the least, native plants require minimal maintenance. As they have already adapted to the local environment, you won’t have to shell out a fortune for tons of fertilizer, water, and pesticides. Most importantly, you’ll get to devote the time you’d spend pruning common horticultural plants on something you’d actually rather do.

      For more information about plants native to New York, check out this link.


    7. Save a patch of lawn from the lawnmower. Keep your garden and landscaping sustainable by leaving an area of your property a bit wilder than the rest. Basically, let this area grow long to attract pollinators. By leaving this space alone, you get to mow less area and even lessen your carbon footprint.

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