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During the holidays we all get invited to parties and appreciation events. We normally end up meeting people we have dealt with in the past, new faces, and hanging out with our favorite groups. Sometimes we accidentally eavesdrop in conversations. It is all fun! It’s the holidays.

Well, this time we didn’t need to eavesdrop. The conversation took place right in front of us as we were sipping cocktails. This overly animated agent was describing how working for this top notch Real Estate company has made her so successful. She can hardly find enough time to breath. She gestures and gasps for air as she disparages that her buyers all come from “the city”. They don’t know anything about the market but they, desperately need to get in a particular school district. She then describes how she refers out all the business outside of her little community because she just can’t be bothered. She goes on saying that her co-league goes around town knocking on doors asking home owners to list their properties with him…and they do, she adds! In the euphoria of the conversation the guy next to me jumps in and states that he does the same thing and he just managed to land a listing in the millions, that he will probably have to refer out because he has a busy life. He adds: “I tell all my clients upfront that I am a family man, I have kids and elderly relatives, I don’t work Saturday or Sunday”. He is not done, “If my buyers don’t purchase a house after I show them 6 properties I fire them”! Me and my associate look at each other and walk away. We heard enough!

Photo taken from the HuffPost: How To Become A Real Estate Agent

Here is where I have to include our mantra. GioHomes Real Estate is a local real estate company founded in 2006  based on a philosophy of customer satisfaction. We believe that success in real estate only comes from understanding the client’s needs and satisfying them. We abandoned the corporate premise of quantity and embraced the concept of quality.

Long gone are the days when the information was in the hands of few. The internet and social media now opens the door to the endless possibilities for buyers and sellers. It has empowered small businesses like GioHomes to step out of the old structure and create a more transparent and efficient market.

Yes, we believe that our clients are well informed buyers and our job is to help them achieve their goals of home ownership. And, our sellers are smart competent home owners with busy lives that require the assistance of a real estate professional to handle the sale of their houses.

Now, you probably have a better understanding of why we are a boutique real estate company. We are always here for you!


At GioHomes we make your goal our goal

GioHomes’ Team Celebrating the Holidays

GioHomes Real Estate is a local real estate company founded in 2006 based on a philosophy of customer satisfaction. We believe that success in real estate only comes from understanding the client’s needs and satisfying them. We abandoned the corporate premise of quantity and embraced the concept of quality.

Long gone are the days when the information was in the hands of few. The internet and social media now opens the door to the endless possibilities for buyers and sellers. It has empowered small businesses like GioHomes to step out of the old structure and create a more transparent and efficient market.

Years of experience, training, and ongoing education give us the tools to offer prospective buyers and sellers an alternative in a market that was once dominated by large corporations. GioHomes offers opportunities where buyers and sellers are no longer a number in the chaos of politics and paperwork but rather a voice that demands to be serviced.

Please let us know how we can help you.

GioHomes Real Estate LLC.

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Saying goodbye to your well-loved home

Goodbye to HomeFor many of us, moving to a new home means a fresh start. It’s an exciting experience, especially when you think about the new adventures that lie ahead – new neighbors, new places go to, and a new home where you and your family will make new memories.

But what about the home you’re leaving behind?

Parting with your old home can be difficult, especially if you’ve lived there for quite sometime. It has become a part of your life, and has been with you and your family through the both the good times and the bad.

Before you get caught up in the hectic whirlwind of packing, planning, and moving, it’s a good idea to take at least some time out of your busy schedule to celebrate the home you’ll be leaving behind.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Take photos

Before you pack your belongings, take a picture of every area around your house, so you’ll have something to remember it by. You can also ask your kids to pose in memorable spots, like the wall they once doodled on.

If you want something better than photos, some smartphone apps like Google Street View have a special camera feature which you can use to capture 360-degree images. With these, you’ll always remember what it’s like standing right inside your old home.

Leave something behind

By this, we don’t mean your old junk! You can leave behind a simple note addressed to the new owners, telling them what you loved about living there. You can also consider leaving a time capsule filled with photos or other items in the attic or the basement, in honor of all the happy memories you’ve had in the home.

Organize a farewell party

Invite your friends, or just have a simple celebration with your family. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve already packed most of your things – all you really need are a few snacks and drinks, a couple of outdoor lights, some music, and you have a nice little party to celebrate all the good times you’ve shared in your home.

For more great tips about moving, take a look at this page


Things to consider when relocating to a new city

RelocationIt’s always important to keep in mind that there are certain factors that can affect your future when you move to a new city.

While relocating to a new area can certainly be exciting, it can quickly turn into a disaster if you fail to plan ahead. Here are some of the biggest factors to consider when you’re moving to a new city:


Property prices vary from city to city, and some areas are better if you plan on renting. Before you look for homes to purchase in a certain area, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of options – take a look at the prices of different types of properties within the same area.

When applying for a loan, one of the major factors lenders consider is your credit score, so make sure you keep your credit in check several months before you apply.

Basic necessities

The cost of basic needs such as health care, utilities, and even groceries vary in every place, so be sure to do some research. One thing to also consider is how you can get from place to place in the city you’ll be moving in – how far is the drive from your home to the office? Can you use public transit? Transportation costs can significantly affect your monthly savings.

Career opportunities

If work isn’t the reason why you’re moving to another area, it’s a good idea to look at the job diversity in the new city you’ll be moving to. Consider your interests, and see if career opportunities you’re eying are available.

Quality of life

One of the biggest things that will change when you move is your quality of life. Take a look at some of the things you enjoy in your current area, and see if the new area offers the same things. For example, if you and your family regularly enjoy dining out, make sure you’re moving to an area with a good variety of restaurants.

It may seem simple, but quality of life can greatly affect your happiness in the long run.

For more helpful info on relocating to Westchester County, take a look at our Relocation Guide.


Things to Do before you Move Homes

Growing up is hard to do, but moving houses is also listed as one of the most stressful events in an individual’s life. Check out this guide to help you prepare for the big move.

Four to six weeks before your scheduled moving day:

  • De-clutter, sort, and dispose – To make packing easier, allot a day to sort out your things and dispose any items you no longer need. You can hold a garage sale, donate to charities, or give your pre-loved items to friends and family.
  • Make a home inventory – This will help you keep tabs on all the belongings you’re bringing with you to your new home.
  • Hire professional movers – Book with a moving company four to six weeks before moving day, if you plan on hiring one. If you’re taking the DIY approach, consider renting a truck for all your items.
  • Transfer information – Remember to file a change of address form for certain utilities (telephone, internet, electricity, insurance, etc.) to avoid the hassle of dealing with them after your move. If you’re moving with your family, include schooling transfers.
  • Purchase packing material.



Two to three weeks before moving day

  • Start packing – Don’t forget to include your passport, property deeds, and other important items and documents.
  • Remove any perishable goods from your home – This includes perishable foods. Should you make a trip to the grocery for the remainder of your stay, limit your repurchases.
  • Confirm particulars with your moving company – If you rented a truck, then confirm with the rental company you hired for the specifics.
  • Pack an overnight bag – Stash a change of clothes or two, your toiletries, travel documents, and money in a bag and take this with you as if you’re going on a vacation. This will help you access your belongings without having to open suitcases and boxes.
  • Clean the place.


One day before your move

Double-check your packages and boxes to make sure you have everything you need. Inspect the place to see if you missed any spots to clean. Allot this day to smoothen out other transactions and just prepare for your big day.

For more information on how to prepare for moving day, the following links can prove to be helpful:



10 of the best neighborhoods in Westchester County

Just north of New York City, Westchester County is an ideal location for suburbanites who commute to work in Manhattan some 30 miles away.

Westchester is a charming community. Its 900,000 residents live across 49 towns, all offering a wealth of housing options to suit every need.

Here’s just a few of the best neighborhoods found in Westchester County:

1. Dobbs Ferry
Offering a truly diverse selection of homes ranging from classic Victorians to mid-century split-levels, to condos and million-dollar estates, this river town has been regarded as a warm and comfortable place to live.

2. Fleetwood
This busy and diverse neighborhood in North Mount Vernon has numerous vintage homes as well as pre- and post-war buildings. Convenient commuting remains Fleetwood’s biggest draw, since it’s just blocks away from the Metro-North station, and it’s right off Exit 8 on the Cross County.

3. Irvington
This unassuming river town named after Washington Irving is pretty near perfect, with a charming Main Street, burgeoning dining scene, and stunning river views. You’ll find sprawling park estates, elegant brick Colonials, and stately historical homes from among a diverse array of residences.

Partial View of Mamaroneck Harbor

Partial View of Mamaroneck Harbor

4. Mamaroneck

This historic harbor-side village with a diverse population and an array of shops and restaurants offers a lot of residential options, from co-op apartments to multi-million-dollar waterfront homes on the Long Island Sound – making Mamaroneck an attractive place to live for people of different incomes.

5. Mount Kisco
Downtown streets lined with a mix of big chains and small mom and pop stores offers shoppers the best of both worlds. It makes this diverse community one of the more desirable places to live in Westchester County, especially with its affordable home prices.

6. New Rochelle
Residents of New Rochelle have long praised the town’s ethnic diversity, community spirit, school system, and economic mix. It’s one of those places where the old and new, and the hip and traditional co-exist harmoniously. The same qualities can be seen in the town’s real estate, which range from sprawling multimillion dollar acreage to turn-of-the-century single family homes on tree-lined streets.

7. Ossining
One of the more affordable places to buy a home, Ossining also has low property taxes and above average schools. It’s also got a charming downtown area and an impressive number of structures that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

8. Rye
With 6 square miles of land and 14 square miles of water, Rye City is the smallest city in Westchester County – but it’s the wealthiest and most historic. Almost three-quarters of the homes are single-family residences, and the area has been described as having the “cuteness of a village, but it is a city.”

9. Tarrytown
Blending lovely small-town charm with modern diversity, Tarrytown bustles with appealing antique shops, art galleries, specialty stores, gourmet eateries, and a great music hall. Forbes Magazine did the right thing by including Tarrytown in their list of America’s 10 Prettiest Towns.

10. White Plains
The only municipality with a real skyline, White Plains owes its transformation to urban planners. They turned the town into a vibrant city, with an abundance of condominium apartments. Liveability has gone up, along with high walkability to nearby amenities, like having a Walmart a block away from a Ritz-Carlton.

Find out more on the best neighborhoods to live in Westchester County by getting in touch with us at the GioHomes Team today.


Job market in Westchester

It is a solid year of improvement for Westchester’s unemployment rate, and the future looks rosy at 4.6%. According to the New York State Department of Labor, Westchester has the third lowest rate in the Hudson Valley area and eighth overall in the New York State. Rates are calculated using procedures set by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This marks as a significant improvement from 2014’s grim score of 6.6% as of July. At that time, national unemployment was at 6.1%.

The decrease in unemployment bodes well for the market. This year, jobs are expected to spike; even the post-summer employment rate trend is expected to remain robust.

Businesses are hiring

GioHomes - Westchester Job MarketIndustries such as retail, services, and health care are among the top sectors in the industry that are on a hiring spree.

Other sectors actively hiring include business services and accounting, according to 2014 figures.

White Plains continues to post the highest number of employment opportunities. Trailing behind are Yonkers and Tarrytown.

Rates rise and plunge

Despite the optimism engendered by the low rate of unemployment, the job market in Westchester still needs to improve to make sure unemployment numbers continue to decline.

From May to June, there has been little improvement – mirroring the trend statewide.

In April, Westchester’s unemployment rate dipped to a low 4.4% but returned to the “normal”4.6%a month later, where it has remained stagnant until June.

Bucking the trend of higher unemployment

Statewide, however, Westchester is bucking the trend of higher unemployment rates compared to its neighbors.

Already, the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. intends to help smaller entrepreneurs in the area with a $50,000 grant coming from the New York State Electric and Gas Corp.

This is to further stimulate the local business in the area and meet their growing market’s needs.