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During the holidays we all get invited to parties and appreciation events. We normally end up meeting people we have dealt with in the past, new faces, and hanging out with our favorite groups. Sometimes we accidentally eavesdrop in conversations. It is all fun! It’s the holidays.

Well, this time we didn’t need to eavesdrop. The conversation took place right in front of us as we were sipping cocktails. This overly animated agent was describing how working for this top notch Real Estate company has made her so successful. She can hardly find enough time to breath. She gestures and gasps for air as she disparages that her buyers all come from “the city”. They don’t know anything about the market but they, desperately need to get in a particular school district. She then describes how she refers out all the business outside of her little community because she just can’t be bothered. She goes on saying that her co-league goes around town knocking on doors asking home owners to list their properties with him…and they do, she adds! In the euphoria of the conversation the guy next to me jumps in and states that he does the same thing and he just managed to land a listing in the millions, that he will probably have to refer out because he has a busy life. He adds: “I tell all my clients upfront that I am a family man, I have kids and elderly relatives, I don’t work Saturday or Sunday”. He is not done, “If my buyers don’t purchase a house after I show them 6 properties I fire them”! Me and my associate look at each other and walk away. We heard enough!

Photo taken from the HuffPost: How To Become A Real Estate Agent

Here is where I have to include our mantra. GioHomes Real Estate is a local real estate company founded in 2006  based on a philosophy of customer satisfaction. We believe that success in real estate only comes from understanding the client’s needs and satisfying them. We abandoned the corporate premise of quantity and embraced the concept of quality.

Long gone are the days when the information was in the hands of few. The internet and social media now opens the door to the endless possibilities for buyers and sellers. It has empowered small businesses like GioHomes to step out of the old structure and create a more transparent and efficient market.

Yes, we believe that our clients are well informed buyers and our job is to help them achieve their goals of home ownership. And, our sellers are smart competent home owners with busy lives that require the assistance of a real estate professional to handle the sale of their houses.

Now, you probably have a better understanding of why we are a boutique real estate company. We are always here for you!


Home Rental Rates in Westchester County

Covering an area of 450 square miles, Westchester County and its 49 municipalities lie around 35 miles north of New York City.

Due to its proximity to Manhattan, where real estate prices are sky high and vacancy rates are among the lowest, Westchester has become a preferred residential address among those who work in the big city.

Consequently, the county has a healthy housing market for both sales and rentals.

Most popular rentals

2For those who prefer renting their homes, Westchester County offers an excellent selection of properties. They include contemporary studio-type apartments and charming colonial homes.

Based on availability and popularity, the following are among the most popular rentals:

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Single-family residences

Apartment rentals

A low monthly rate of $725 will net you a studio-type apartment in the trendy city of Peekskill with its active artist community. The unit will have 1 bath and 247 square feet of space.

For $2,200 a month, you can move into a spacious 2-bedroom apartment in White Plains. The place has 1 full and 1 partial bathroom in 1,200 square feet of space, complete with stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. It’s within walking distance to the downtown area.

Condo rentals

For condos, $1,750 per month gets you a unit in White Plains, with 781 square feet of space including 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

Higher-end units with 982 square feet of space go for $3,000 a month in Monarch at Ridge Hill in Yonkers. The unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open kitchens with stainless steel appliances and stone countertops, plus amenities like a fitness center, concierge, and a shuttle to Metro North.

Home rentals

When it comes to homes for rent, $4,000 a month can get you a classic one-level ranch-style home in Pelham with 1,126 square feet of space. The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, patio, and 2-car garage.

If it’s luxury you’re after, $35,000 a month opens the doors to a stunning estate in Rye, adjacent to the Westchester Country Club and a few steps away from the downtown area. It’s got around 13,000 square feet of space, 7 bedrooms, 8 full and 2-1/2 baths, a swimming pool, tennis court, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Home Rental Rates in Westchester County
For additional information on rental rates and the best rentals available in Westchester County, get in touch with the GioHomes team today.