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Living in Golden’s Bridge, NY

Golden’s Bridge NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

In the tiny Westchester County community of Lewisboro, the hamlet of Golden’s Bridge is especially desirable for more than a few reasons. Located on the west side of town, Golden’s Bridge is near Interstate 684, which gives access to surrounding communities. It also has Lewisboro’s only train station, an important consideration for most residents. The rail commute from here to Grand Central Terminal takes just over one hour.

Along with its transportation convenience, Golden’s Bridge also offers convenient shopping. The hamlet has one of Lewisboro’s few grocery stores, and thanks to the interstate it is in reach of other outlets, such as the Westchester Mall. For dining or movies, residents often head for nearby Bedford or Mount Kisco.

Living in Golden’s Bridge

The main draw for Golden’s Bridge is its unspoiled natural setting. The hamlet occupies less than 3 square miles of rolling hills and forest, and it borders the scenic Muscoot Reservoir. There are ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, thanks to many hiking trails that wind through Golden’s Bridge. Families can hike for hours on trails just outside their door, enjoying water views, thick forests, quiet meadows, and the local wildlife.

The area’s excellent school system makes it a natural choice for families. The small Lewisboro District includes just 5 schools: a high school, middle school, and 3 elementary schools. Increase Miller Elementary is located in Golden’s Bridge.

Golden’s Bridge Real Estate

There is a wide range of housing options available in Golden’s Bridge, which is home to around 2,000 residents. Across from the train station is a charming neighborhood of 19th century wood frame houses. The Colony is a charming and well-established lakeside neighborhood with simple cottage-style homes. The area also offers townhouses and detached homes, as well as spacious family homes with large lots that provide a sense of rural privacy and serenity.

The median home price in Golden’s Bridge is in keeping with that of Lewisboro, but there is a wide range. Prices for a single-family home can be expected to range from around $500,000 to well over $2 million, and you’ll find an array of styles, from historical to contemporary.

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Living in Lewisboro, NY

Lewisboro NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

In Westchester County, you can combine your city connection with a peaceful country lifestyle. The unique community of Lewisboro offers a complete change of scene from NYC, with a wealth of open space for recreation as well as wonderful homes and an excellent school system.

Lewisboro was originally named Salem, and the town was established in 1747. Six hamlets make up the town of Lewisboro: Golden’s Bridge, Cross River, South Salem, Vista, Wacabuc, and Lewisboro. Each of these areas has a small town center, but most of the shopping is centered in Golden’s Bridge and Cross River. With a population just over 12,000, this is definitely small-town living, but within easy commuting distance of the city.

Living in Lewisboro

It’s not exactly rural, but not really a suburb, either. Lewisboro sort of defies categories. Just 50 miles north of New York City, the community’s setting is decidedly in the countryside, thanks in large part to careful development.

While construction has been very active in recent years, developers here are required to allocate part of their property as open space, and in most areas, lot sizes range from 2 to 4 acres. When you add to that the public green spaces in Lewisboro, which add up to well over 5,000 acres, you arrive at a community that is comfortably incorporated into the countryside. This amount of open space is very agreeable to the many horse enthusiasts that call Lewisboro home. Horse trails wind throughout the area, and include miles of trails in Westchester County’s largest park, Ward Pound Ridge Preserve, which lies on the south side of Lewisboro.

Lewisboro Real Estate

There are 7 lakes in town, and these make scenic spots for a home. A charming lakeside cottage is one option; there’s also a nice selection of condominiums ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, and an amazing collection of beautiful single-family homes, with a median price that’s still less than seven figures.

Lewisboro is growing, thanks in part to its excellent school district, which attracts young families. The district’s 5 schools offer an extensive arts program in addition to its challenging academic curriculum. Newsweek has ranked the area high school, John Jay, in the top 200 high schools in the nation.

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