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Bronxville NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The small village of Bronxville occupies justone square mile portion of land in the town of Eastchester. Despite its close proximity to Midtown Manhattan, much of Bronxville has retained its Old World charm – it still looks pretty much the same as it did almost a century ago, which is one of the things that make it so dear to its residents.It is home to a little over 6,500 residents, who work hard to preserve the historic beauty and charm of this little village.

Molded after an English-style village, Bronxville is one of the most affluent places to live in the country and gracious Tudor, Victorian, and Shingle-style homes are plentiful here. Its development was started by pharmaceutical and real estate mogul William Van Duzer Lawrence (who also built the top-tier Sarah Lawrence College in honor of his wife.)

A Tight-Knit Community

Due to its size, this hamlet in Eastchester has plenty of small-town and independent business that are within walking distance from each other. The lack of major chain stores (with a few exceptions) helps it retain its identity and encourages its residents to set up businesses of their own. You can find designer clothing boutiques, art galleries, and various shops that will meet your needs in Bronxville’s compact central business district.The village is also home to several churches such asthe Reformed Church of Bronxville, which was the first church to be constructed here.

Bronxville features 70 acres of parkland that extends to a small portion of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation. There is plenty of room for residents to indulge in their favorite outdoor activities such as running and bicycling. Various athletic fields are located all throughout the community.


The village is served by the Bronxville Union Free School District. An institution of higher learning, Concordia College, was established here in 1909 by the Lutheran Church. Concordia College is known for its various academic and music programs.

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Home Rental Rates in Westchester County

Covering an area of 450 square miles, Westchester County and its 49 municipalities lie around 35 miles north of New York City.

Due to its proximity to Manhattan, where real estate prices are sky high and vacancy rates are among the lowest, Westchester has become a preferred residential address among those who work in the big city.

Consequently, the county has a healthy housing market for both sales and rentals.

Most popular rentals

2For those who prefer renting their homes, Westchester County offers an excellent selection of properties. They include contemporary studio-type apartments and charming colonial homes.

Based on availability and popularity, the following are among the most popular rentals:

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Single-family residences

Apartment rentals

A low monthly rate of $725 will net you a studio-type apartment in the trendy city of Peekskill with its active artist community. The unit will have 1 bath and 247 square feet of space.

For $2,200 a month, you can move into a spacious 2-bedroom apartment in White Plains. The place has 1 full and 1 partial bathroom in 1,200 square feet of space, complete with stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. It’s within walking distance to the downtown area.

Condo rentals

For condos, $1,750 per month gets you a unit in White Plains, with 781 square feet of space including 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

Higher-end units with 982 square feet of space go for $3,000 a month in Monarch at Ridge Hill in Yonkers. The unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open kitchens with stainless steel appliances and stone countertops, plus amenities like a fitness center, concierge, and a shuttle to Metro North.

Home rentals

When it comes to homes for rent, $4,000 a month can get you a classic one-level ranch-style home in Pelham with 1,126 square feet of space. The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, patio, and 2-car garage.

If it’s luxury you’re after, $35,000 a month opens the doors to a stunning estate in Rye, adjacent to the Westchester Country Club and a few steps away from the downtown area. It’s got around 13,000 square feet of space, 7 bedrooms, 8 full and 2-1/2 baths, a swimming pool, tennis court, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Home Rental Rates in Westchester County
For additional information on rental rates and the best rentals available in Westchester County, get in touch with the GioHomes team today.


Identifying Overpriced Homes

For many homebuyers, particularly first timers, buying a home can be quite a challenge.

While the selection of homes that might fit your criteria can be overwhelming, a second challenge might be the difficulty in pointing out which homes represent good value for your money and which ones are priced well above their actual value.

How to tell if a home is overpriced? Here are a few red flags:

  1. If the home is priced higher than other recently sold properties in the area
    The value of a home is partially dependent on the price of other homes in the neighborhood. Checking out recently sold homes in the area will give you an idea of comparable property prices.unnamed Just because you’re considering a luxury home in the middle of a modest neighborhood doesn’t necessarily mean that the home is worth significantly more. In fact, the area the property is in can bring its value down.

  3. If the home has been in the market for weeks
    Many homes are typically sold within weeks or even days after being listed. When a home sits unsold for weeks on end, it usually means just one of two things – the vendor is not 100% committed to making a move, or the home is overpriced.

  5. If the number and frequency of viewings or open houses are few and far between
    A home for sale will usually have a succession of open houses arranged by a real estate agent. If the home has not had a scheduled viewing for quite a while, or if open houses are few and far between, it could be a sign that the home is overpriced, with buyers in that area deciding that the home is not worth their attention.

  7. If the property has had extensive upgrades or customization
    A seller usually mentions the new kitchens, remodeled bathrooms, add-on decks, swimming pools, and other improvements in their home in a bid to sell quickly – or jack up the list price. As a homebuyer, you’ll have to ask yourself if you actually need these upgrades and if they add value to you as a prospective homeowner.

  9. If the price of the home doesn’t match the neighborhood it’s in
    If “location is everything” when it comes to real estate, then it follows that the more desirable the neighborhood, the higher the property prices. Busy streets, poorly-rated schools, low-income demographic areas, and limited amenities can bring down the value of a home. If you don’t mind moving into this kind of neighborhood, then the price of your home should be a lot lower than if you were buying the same kind of property in a quieter and better-heeled part of town. Otherwise, cue the red flag!

Identifying Overpriced Homes

If you want to get your money’s worth when it comes to real estate in New York’s Westchester County, contact our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help you.




Living in Pelham, NY

Pelham NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Considered an “inner ring” suburb, the town of Pelham sits in Westchester County just 14 miles from midtown Manhattan, a 28-minute train ride away. Most of the town’s 15,000 residents commute to jobs in the city. Its location at the extreme south end of Westchester County puts Pelham directly on Long Island Sound, and just north of the Bronx.

A great local asset is the 2,700-acre Pelham Bay Park, New York City’s largest park, which borders the town of Pelham to the north. This waterfront area includes miles of bridle and hiking trails, two golf courses, sports fields, and stunning water views. The town of Pelham also operates a great collection of smaller parks and neighborhood playgrounds, and there are a handful of good golf courses as well.

Living in Pelham

Pelham is a very family-friendly place, with strong neighborhood associations organizing fun activities, including outdoor movies, summer concerts, and holiday parties in the park. Great public schools are another plus for families. The district serves about 2800 students in its 6 local schools. 96% of graduates go on to college, and 19 AP courses are offered at Pelham Memorial High School. Students are asked to meet high expectations and in return receive the support and inspiration they need to do their best. The district has a strong commitment to arts education and offers several foreign languages starting in 7th grade.

Pelham is Westchester County’s oldest town (incorporated in 1788), and has developed small but thriving retail outlets that make for interesting shopping. You’ll find tasty baked goods, fine wine, and fascinating antiques among the wares in Pelham. Wolf’s Lane is the main thoroughfare; look along this street and nearby Fifth Avenue (no, not that one) for the town’s eateries and retail.

Pelham Real Estate

Neighborhoods in Pelham often feature quiet, tree-lined streets. Some favorites are Pelham Heights, the Esplanade and Chester Park. The old summer estate homes that gave Pelham its start are found in Pelham Manor, the neighborhood that sits along the town’s strip of Long Island Sound waterfront. A bit farther north is Pelham Village, which has the community’s high school and train station.

Learn more about Pelham and its real estate by browsing this website and connecting with our team at GioHomes. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to sharing our love of this community with you. Connect today!

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Living in Ossining, NY

Ossining NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

With a population near 40,000, Ossining is one of Westchester County’s larger towns. It stretches along the spectacular Hudson River on the county’s western edge, with several miles of waterfront and incredible scenic vistas. It extends just over 15 square miles, and is bounded to the north by the Croton River.

The countryside where Ossining sits is classic Hudson River Valley scenery. Majestic hills cloaked by thick forests, quiet lakes, hidden streams, and abundant wildlife. These may lead you to think that you’ve stepped back in time or at least far from the everyday world, but the city is actually less than 40 miles away! The city’s rail station is right on the waterfront. Route 9 passes right through town and is an excellent connection to points south.

Living in Ossining

The town center of Ossining features a collection of interesting and beautiful historic buildings. The downtown is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Interesting sites include the Old Croton Aqueduct, which used the force of gravity to move water 41 miles to Manhattan, and the beautiful Olive Opera House.

Originally a river port, Ossining was first developed at the waterfront, and the traditional business center, called The Crescent, is near the Hudson River.

One readily recognized local landmark is Sing-Sing prison, a maximum-security facility that opened in 1826. It was the 3rd prison constructed in the United States, and today houses about 2000 inmates. Ossining is also home to many prominent people in entertainment and business, and is the fictional home of Don Draper’s character from the popular Mad Men television series.

Today, the lifestyle in Ossining reflects an appreciation for the area’s rich history and natural treasures. Recreation opportunities abound and natural areas and waterways are carefully protected. Parks and nature preserves are ubiquitous in Ossining and residents can take advantage of miles of scenic trails in local woodlands and along the Hudson. At Crawbuckie Park and preserve they enjoy a stunning, accessible riverside trail.

Ossining Real Estate

Homes in Ossining range from convenient apartments to impressive properties with commanding views of the Hudson. Median prices for single-family homes sit at about $400,000, with larger colonials commanding $2 million or more.

Learn more about this community and the real estate available in Ossining by connecting with our team of professionals at GioHomes. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Living in Croton Falls, NY

Croton Falls NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A hamlet of North Salem, Croton Falls has a lot of features to recommend it. This charming community lies along the scenic Croton River’s East Branch. It’s home to less than 200 fortunate souls who enjoy its natural beauty and their own blissful seclusion.

This northern section of Westchester County offers some stunning scenery and inspiring hikes. Rugged woodlands, verdant hills, and dozens of tranquil lakes are scattered throughout this area, and communities value and preserve the natural features. State parks, nature preserves, arboretums, gardens, streams, and wilderness areas are found in every direction from Croton Falls. They offer tremendous opportunities for a new adventure every day.

Living in Croton Falls

With such great access to the outdoors, it is sometimes hard to remember that it’s just over an hour by rail to Manhattan from here. Croton Falls has its own station with frequent departures. It’s also directly adjacent to Interstate 684 for quick access to the entire area. Despite its bucolic setting, Croton Falls is within easy reach of city culture, opportunity, and conveniences.

Although people from Croton Falls do most of their shopping in the adjoining parts of North Salem, they do have several excellent restaurants at hand. In fact people frequently come from elsewhere to dine at places like Primavera, Croton Creek Steakhouse, Bella Ella’s Pizzeria, and others.

Residents of Croton Falls enjoy the benefits of the North Salem’s exceptional public school system, known for both its rigor and supportive environment. Excellent and dedicated teachers bring out the best in their students, and enjoy strong community support. Coupled with the freedom of open outdoor spaces and kid-friendly community activities, the topnotch schools make Croton Falls an ideal place for young families.

Croton Falls Real Estate

Homes in Croton Falls have a median price in the mid-six-figure range, a good deal below many of the county’s most upscale enclaves. There are a number of great apartment and condominium options in Croton Falls, as well as charming bungalows and cottage-style houses in the town’s older neighborhoods. What you won’t find a lot of here are sprawling, exclusive estates. Croton Falls is more low-key. Its small population is friendly and welcoming, and they don’t mind driving a few minutes to the grocery store, either.

Learn more about Croton Falls and its real estate by connecting with our team at GioHomes today. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find a home that best suits your needs. Connect today!

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Living in Armonk, NY

Armonk NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A popular hamlet of the town of North Castle, Armonk is home to less than 5,000 people. It occupies about 6 square miles and lies right along the Connecticut border. The community is flanked by two of the area’s top golf clubs and two of its loveliest lakes. It’s also crossed by Interstate 684, a major regional transportation artery.

Armonk’s location makes it perfect for commuting to work in the city, and many of its residents make the 40-minute trip each day. The Armonk rail station is on the south edge of the community, and connects residents to the Metro North and Amtrak systems. The Westchester County Airport is another asset, and is just a few minutes to the south. This facility offers non-stop service to 15 destinations, making it a convenient option for travel.

Living in Armonk

Most people would rather think about staying in Armonk than about travelling out of it. The community offers a relaxed setting in the beautiful Westchester County countryside. Armonk has been developed with an eye toward preserving the rustic character that makes it such a desirable home. The village and surrounding area are dotted with natural spaces and conservation is a closely watched issue. You’ll find 6 major parks within the hamlet’s boundaries, providing scenic spots for hiking, snowshoeing, biking, fishing, birdwatching – you get the picture.

Aside from convenient transportation and bucolic surroundings, you can also find some retail and dining options along the town’s quaint Main Street. All of the basics, like groceries, pharmacy, and hardware are available there. There are also a few local restaurants and a popular coffee shop on Main Street. Excellent public schools, relatively low taxes, and practically non-existent crime are other compelling reasons for choosing Armonk as a home you may never want to leave.

Armonk Real Estate

While you can find some townhomes and condominiums here, homes in Armonk are generally large and sit on 2 to 4 acres. These large lots add to the feeling of privacy and seclusion in the area, and also contribute to the relatively high cost of homes here. The median listing price is already in the seven-figure range.

Learn more about Armonk real estate and this vibrant community with the help of our professionals at GioHomes. We’re just a phone call away and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. Connect today!

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Living in North Castle, NY

North Castle NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A classic Westchester County small town, North Castle lies along the Byram River and Interstate 684, very near the border with Connecticut. It’s a community where you can find an ideal balance of convenience and seclusion, offering a rustic lifestyle that’s a short commute from New York City. Quaint village streets, thick forests, quiet lakes and friendly communities mark this part of the state, and just over 10,000 people make their home in North Castle’s 26 square miles.

Transportation is tremendously convenient in North Castle, with immediate access to the 684 as well as the Westchester County Airport, just to the south. Rail travel is also a popular option, with stations in several locations offering service to Manhattan that takes less than 40 minutes.

Living in North Castle

Being so close to the culture and opportunity of the city makes the relaxing lifestyle in North Castle all the more refreshing. Open spaces and natural preserves dominate this neck of Westchester County. The Nichols Preserve is a great example, and lies right at the eastern boundary of North Castle. Its 87 acres are owned by the Nature Conservancy, and include several ponds, a large lake dotted with islands, and well-maintained trails through meadows and woodland. It’s tremendously popular for hiking, birdwatching, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

Organized sports are also popular here, and there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, tennis, and golf. Area courses include Brynwood, Whipporwill, and Rye, as well as clubs in surrounding communities, such as the Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich and the prestigious Pound Ridge Golf Club.

The schools serving children in North Castle are part of the Byram Hills, Valhalla, and Bedford districts. These well-regarded systems offer challenging curriculums in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Schools in the area are known for offering outstanding instruction in the arts as well as the academic areas.

North Castle Real Estate

Homes in North Castle are generally on large lots, offering the level of seclusion that many residents crave. They may be Colonial or modern, with plenty of newer (less than 20 years old) properties as well. Taxes are relatively low, but the median home price is just over a million dollars. A wealth of area lakes makes for wonderful views from many home sites.

Explore the community of North Castle and its available real estate by connecting with our team of professionals at GioHomes today. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the North Castle home that best suits your needs. Connect today!

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Living in North Salem, NY

North Salem NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

On the northern tip of Westchester County, 50 miles north of Manhattan is the town of North Salem. This enclave is home to around 5,000 residents, most of them quite well-to-do. While the median listing price for properties is a reasonable $700,000, prices quickly rise when it’s one of the many estate-style homes. These are especially popular with equestrians, and it is sometimes said that there are more horses than people in North Salem.

With a total area of just over 39 square miles, North Salem is one of the county’s more roomy towns. The low density adds to the feeling of privacy and seclusion for residents, who enjoy quiet, winding roads edged by thick forests. Composed of six hamlets, the town’s eastern boundary is the Connecticut border.

Living in North Salem

The land in North Salem is hilly and wooded, with a number of beautiful lakes and clear streams. A scenic walk is an easy daily indulgence; the only difficulty may be deciding which way to go first. Favorite local places to get outside include the 1082-acre Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park, with five lakes, spectacular views, and miles of hiking trails. Visitors to the park can camp, fish, hike, or try the fun and challenging rope course. The Salem Golf Club and the Pehquenakonck Country Club are just 2 of the great courses in the area. The local parks offer a great range of activities, camps and team sports for kids.

The public schools in North Salem are a big part of why people come here. They are excellent, innovative, and successful. The graduation rate for North Salem’s high school is 99%. Class sizes are small, and 100% of the teachers have at least a Master’s degree. The Middle School/High School received a Gold Medal rating from U.S. News and World Reports in 2014. The district operates 3 schools and serves just over 1200 students.

A large percentage of North Salem residents commute to work elsewhere. Manhattan is just over an hour away by rail, but a world away from this tranquil retreat. After the stimulation and action of New York, coming home to North Salem is like being on vacation year-round.

North Salem Real Estate

North Salem offers a wide range of real estate options, with something to suit the lifestyle and budget of most buyers. When you’re ready to explore the properties available to you in North Salem, do not hesitate to connect with our team of professionals at GioHomes. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Living in Millwood, NY

Millwood NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Probably the lesser-known hamlet of New Castle, Millwood is a lovely community of around 1,000 residents. It lies to the north of Gedney Park, along the Somerstown Turnpike. Convenient access to transportation makes the commute to New York less than an hour, via car or rail, from nearby Chappaqua Station.

Returning to Millwood from the city is like entering another world for residents. Quiet roads are lined with forests and punctuated by scenic lakes and streams. The small town atmosphere makes it hard to remember that you are still so near to all the culture and opportunity that the city has to offer. This unique balance is the advantage that draws so many to homes in Westchester County.

Living in Millwood

The schools in Millwood are part of the Chappaqua Central School District, which includes the 6 schools in New Castle. These serve nearly 4000 students in the town, and Millwood is the site of one elementary school, Westorchard Elementary. Enrollment at this neighborhood school is just over 400 students, in grades K through 4. Millwood is the type of place where you might see kids shuffling through fallen leaves as they walk to and from school.

Millwood Real Estate

Compared to neighboring Chappaqua, you can generally expect to find homes on slightly smaller lots in Millwood. This is true despite the uncrowded feel of Millwood, because about a fourth of the Hamlet’s area is undeveloped public land. There is not a lot of commercial or retail property in Millwood, and that’s just fine with most of the people there. They value the small town perks, but support local businesses like Rocky’s Millwood Delicatessen, which has been serving up trademark burgers here for over 50 years.

Local officials look to move Millwood into the new century on their own terms. Development is carefully considered for its impact on the rural character and lifestyle of Millwood. In an effort to attract residents beyond the upwardly mobile young family demographic, the town strives to keep taxes low. As a result the area has a good mix of younger professionals and those reaching retirement age. This keeps the community vibrant, interesting, and diverse.

Learn more about Millwood and its real estate by connecting with our team at GioHomes today. We’re just a phone call away and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

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