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Living in New Castle , NY

New Castle NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

New Castle is a charming Westchester County village, and includes the hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood. Located in the Hudson River Valley just north of Mount Pleasant, New Castle is home to nearly 20,000 residents. One of the town’s claims to fame is its status as the home of 19th-century newspaperman Horace Greeley. His home is now open to the public and is one of the community’s favorite historic sites.Modern life in New Castle balances work and leisure time beautifully. Many residents commute to the city for work, and enjoy the more rustic lifestyle that a home in New Castle allows. It’s just over 30 miles from the village to Manhattan via the Saw Mill River Parkway, and rail service from the Chappaqua station costs just $56 per month, making it both convenient and very affordable, especially with today’s unpredictable gas prices.

Living in New Castle

When the workday ends and weekends finally arrive, you’ll find that New Castle has activities to suit your mood, whether you’re looking for invigorating exercise or pure and blissful relaxation. The area is dotted with beautiful lakes and the famous Hudson River passes just to the west. Natural spaces are set aside throughout the county for preservation and enjoyment. Nearby spots like the Teatown Lake Reservation, Kichawan Preserve, and Hardscrabble Wilderness Area are delightful for hiking and picnics, and they also offer camps and programming. This is the authentic New York landscape, right outside your door.

The town of New Castle operates outstanding parks within its boundaries as well. Some popular spots are Gedney Park, Peeskilltrailway Park, Whippoorwill Park, and the Pinecliff Audubon Sanctuary. These spaces let you explore the area’s wooded hillsides, murmuring streams and quiet lakes. Miles of trails are popular for walking, biking, and cross-country skiing, and the waters are perfect for a paddle or a fishing line.

New Castle’s public schools enjoy an excellent and well-deserved reputation. Operated by the Chappaqua Central School District, the town’s six schools serve nearly 4000 students. Horace Greeley High School is known for its rigorous college prep curriculum, offering 26 AP courses. 95% of the school’s graduates go on to college. Three elementary schools get students off to a great start, and include extensive instruction in the arts as well as a supportive environment for social development.

New Castle Real Estate

The options for exceptional real estate are plentiful in New Castle. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, low-maintenance condominium or a sprawling estate, let our team at GioHomes introduce you to your options. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the New Castle home that best suits your needs. Connect today!


Living in Thornwood , NY

Thornwood NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

One of Mount Pleasant’s hamlets in upscale Westchester County, Thornwood is characterized by friendly, active neighborhoods shaded by towering hardwoods. Streets bear names like Poe, Whittier, and Keats. Its charm and welcoming vibe, along with relatively affordable housing prices, make Thornwood extremely popular.

Thornwood’s population is around 5,000, and residents enjoy the benefits of being part of the town of Mount Pleasant. The hamlet lies alongside the 431-acre Graham Hills Park, with miles of woodland trails. It’s a favorite place for picnics, cycling, and cross-country skiing. Also adjacent to Thornwood is the scenic Kensico Lake, a manmade reservoir that is stocked with trout for great fishing. Just minutes to the west is the beautiful Hudson River, one of the state’s most scenic regions and an area full of delightful outdoor spaces. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the rustic lifestyle in Thornwood.

Living in Thornwood

Some of the community perks that are especially attractive to young families are the fine public schools and programs that fill leisure time with fun and learning. Mount Pleasant’s Town Pool complex is very popular, and a favorite gathering place. The parks department sponsors youth sports, summer camps, and educational programming for all ages.

Although there is not a rail station in the hamlet of Thornwood, several are found in Mount Pleasant, making for an easy commute into the city. Thornwood links to the Saw Mill River Parkway, Taconic State Parkway, and Route 120, for quick access to other parts of Westchester County and the city, less than 40 miles to the south. For the right balance of access and convenience with small town charm and community spirit, Thornwood hits the mark.

Thornwood Real Estate

The sense of community is strong in Thornwood, and once people settle here they are loathe to leave. Competition can be intense for the more affordable properties that come up for sale here, and the area is fully developed. Most homes sit on quarter-acre lots and the median home price is about $600,000. A few properties with larger lot sizes are priced well above that level, but overall housing here is more affordable than in much of Westchester County.

Learn more about Thornwood real estate and this quiet community by contacting our team at GioHomes today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Living in Sleepy Hollow, NY

Sleepy Hollow NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A Westchester County village with a legendary name, Sleepy Hollow has maintained its bucolic character and historic identity over the years. With the gorgeous Hudson River as its backdrop, life in this charming enclave assumes a relaxed pace. Many of the village’s 10,000 inhabitants work in the city, enjoying a mere 40-minute rail commute into Manhattan. The local Phillipse Manor rail station is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sleepy Hollow’s history has been showcased by the fame of Washington Irving’s popular novel, and its roots do go deeply into Colonial times. Many notables are buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, including Irving himself, Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers, and Elizabeth Arden, among others. The Old Dutch Church and the 1883 Lighthouse are two other important and interesting historic sites.

Living in Sleepy Hollow

Today, Sleepy Hollow trades on its literary notoriety to attract nearly 100,000 annual visitors – quite a number for a quiet village of its size! People enjoy cemetery tours, ghost stories, and attractions like Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities, particularly around Halloween. The shutdown of the GM plant here in the late ‘90’s affected the local economy and identity; embracing the connection to literature has been good for Sleepy Hollow.

For the most part, Sleepy Hollow is a charming village that gives professionals from Manhattan the option to enjoy a lifestyle that’s worlds away from the city. There are more than 57 acres of parkland, as well as numerous streams and lakes among the town’s forests, and the community maintains miles of trails and open spaces for public enjoyment. The Old Croton Aqueduct Trailway is a wonderful way to enjoy the views of the Hudson River. Maintained by the state, this trail runs from the north end of Westchester County right into the city, passing many of the best sights in Sleepy Hollow along the way.

Sleepy Hollow Real Estate

Proximity to the Hudson is a factor in the types of homes you’ll find in Sleepy Hollow. The closer to the river, the more desirable the home, and areas like Sleepy Hollow Manor and Phillipse Manor are lovely collections of stately older homes set on winding roads with spectacular views.

To learn more about Sleepy Hollow and its real estate, do not hesitate to connect with our team at GioHomes today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you learn more about this quaint community.


Living in Pleasantville, NY

Pleasantville NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

True to its name, and much more, Pleasantville is a hamlet of Mt. Pleasant in beautiful and exclusive Westchester County. With less than 10,000 residents, it offers a perfect balance between convenience and a relaxing, rustic lifestyle. Occupying less than 2 square miles in the heart of town, Pleasantville is the kind of place where kids walk to school and homes include lovingly restored Victorians on tree-lined streets. Four parks offer 50 acres of open space, and ice-skating on the local ponds is a popular winter pastime. One of the things that make this place an even more desirable community is the fact that it’s just 30 miles from New York City.

Living in Pleasantville

The residents of Pleasantville value its hometown charm, and have worked to ensure that it continues, so you won’t find a lot of retail chains here. In the little 8-block business district, there’s a refurbished Mission-style movie house – the only cinema in town. Most homes in the village are on small lots (quarter-acre or less), and are within walking distance of schools, the business district, and the train station on Manville Rd., which offers a 50-minute commute to Grand Central.

Unlike some of the hamlets in Westchester County, Pleasantville offers a nice range of options for dining out. You can enjoy Continental cuisine, Indian food, sushi, and more right in town, so an evening out need not mean a long drive – or any drive at all. Still, it’s easy enough to run into Manhattan when you like, to meet friends for lunch or take in a museum.

The three schools in Pleasantville serve around 2000 students, and have all been recognized for educational excellence. They provide rich programs that develop the whole child, with activities like the Edible Garden, theater arts, STEM clubs, internship programs, and more. Along with the great schools, Pleasantville’s many opportunities for sports participation and outdoor pursuits help make it a terrific place to be a kid.

Pleasantville Real Estate

Most of the homes in Pleasantville are single-family houses, with styles including Victorian, Tudor, Colonial, and cottages. There are also a small number of condominiums and co-ops in town. An interesting area architectural note: just outside of Pleasantville’s boundary, but in the same zip code, you’ll find Usonia, a collection of cantilevered houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and other period architects.

To learn more about Pleasantville and its available real estate, feel free to contact our team at GioHomes today. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the home you’ve been dreaming of.


Living in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Briarcliff Manor NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A snug hamlet of Westchester County, Briarcliff Manor is tucked between the town of Mount Pleasant and the Hudson River. Bordered by the lovely river shoreline, Briarcliff Manor also includes 2 beautiful golf courses and the popular Wildlife Park at Pocantico Lake. Area homes include newer condominium developments as well as gracious older homes with lovely views of the surrounding water and forests. The village prides itself on balancing preservation of natural spaces, the area’s unique historical features, and development.

Living in Briarcliff Manor

Residents of Briarcliff Manor enjoy a relaxing and rustic lifestyle that seems far removed from the city. Many residents here work in New York, which is just about 30 miles to the south. Convenient access to rail service from the village’s Scarborough Station and proximity to Route 9 help make this possible. Briarcliff Manor’s population is right around 10,000, meaning that you can get the chance to know your neighbors.

Briarcliff Manor has a small central business district, with tree-lined streets and brick sidewalks creating a quaint atmosphere for shopping and dining. Local restaurants and unique shops are among some of the county’s most popular spots. Local parks and sports facilities are also favorite features of the community.

In its area of just over 5 square miles, Briarcliff Manor manages to include an impressive amount of outdoor space. In addition to acres of parkland, the hamlet is home to 2 outstanding golf courses: the Sleepy Hollow Country Club and the Trump National Golf Club. Named one of Golf Week’s Classic Courses for 2013, Sleepy Hollow Country Club began more than 100 years ago, and is an area landmark and institution. It’s situated near the Hudson, at Briarcliff Manor’s southern edge, with stunning river views and an impressive, European-style clubhouse. In addition to the challenging course, the club features a well-known riding academy, tennis, and fitness facilities, along with an exciting social schedule. Creating a contrast to the traditions of Sleepy Hollow, the Trump National club is a relative newcomer, and has already been included in lists of the state’s top courses. Its modern clubhouse is a popular venue for weddings and other events.

Briarcliff Manor Real Estate

With so many excellent features, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any negatives about this Westchester enclave. It sets the stage for your ideal balance of convenience and relaxation, with rustic charm thrown in for good measure.

From quaint condominiums to sprawling estates with views of the surrounding landscape, there is a wealth of exceptional real estate to choose from in Briarcliff Manor. When you’re ready to explore your options, connect with our team at GioHomes today.


Living in Mount Pleasant, NY

Mount Pleasant NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Mount Pleasant is one of the larger towns in Westchester County, with a population of over 40,000. It’s composed of several hamlets, including Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, Valhalla, and Eastview. Just about 30 miles from the city, Mount Pleasant is a popular home base for professionals who commute to work in New York, although there are several office parks in the town. These house businesses like New York Life Insurance, Pepsico, and Fuji Photo Film. The New York Medical College is also located in Mount Pleasant.

Living in Mount Pleasant

Being in Westchester County, Mount Pleasant’s lifestyle is geared toward enjoyment of the unspoiled natural surroundings. The Pocantico River flows through town and meets the Hudson River at the town’s southwestern corner. A patchwork of parks and preserves dots the Mount Pleasant landscape. Rockefeller State Park occupies more than 1200 acres here, and includes miles of trails, woodlands, and the scenic Swan Lake. There’s also Tarrytown Lake Park, Graham Park, and the lovely Kensico Lake – all in the town of Mount Pleasant. There is no shortage of opportunities here for enjoying the outdoors. The parks department sponsors a huge array of recreational and fitness programming, including an amazing variety of camps, classes, sports leagues, and activities for kids.

Families find a lot to like in Mount Pleasant, and good local schools are an important factor. Mount Pleasant’s Central School District serves around 2000 students at 4 schools, and provides a supportive and rigorous curriculum and a broad range of extracurricular activities. The sports program is very active, facilitating more than 50 teams in various sports. The district’s reading program is enhanced by a partnership with Teachers College of Columbia University. All told, the strong sense of community and low crime rate here make Mount Pleasant a perfect place to raise and enjoy a family.

Mount Pleasant Real Estate

The different hamlets of Mount Pleasant each have their own flavor and advantages, but as a whole the community offers an ideal balance of convenience, community involvement, and privacy. You can do as little or as much as you like here, and there are homes to suit your lifestyle. A cottage by the lake, a downtown condominium with a full menu of amenities, or a secluded estate – all of this and more is waiting in Mount Pleasant.

For more information on Mount Pleasant real estate or the various perks of living in this vibrant community, connect with our team at GioHomes today.


Living in Mount Kisco, NY

Mount Kisco NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

In the heart of Westchester County, Mount Kisco is a village of around 10,000 that is among the most desirable places to live in the state. Surrounded by amazing equestrian estates, the charming town center offers a nice variety of upscale shops and eateries. It is a retail center for northern Westchester County, with national retailers as well. In Mount Kisco you’ll find all of the characteristics that make this area ideal –proximity to the city combined with a charming and relaxing rural lifestyle.

With just 50 miles separating the village from New York City, it’s a realistic option for full-time living. Still, many of the town’s residents divide their time, and spend weekends and holidays in Mount Kisco. This is a place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. The local appreciation of open spaces is clear, starting with the 120-acre Leonard Park right in the village. Situated beside the Kisco River, this is a popular spot for outdoor fun, offering sports fields and courts and three pools, as well as peaceful woodland trails.

Living in Mount Kisco

Mount Kisco borders the town of Bedford, to the east, and the Saw Mill River Parkway to the west. More than 150 acres at the town’s eastern edge is occupied by the Marsh wildlife sanctuary, which is threaded with trails that connect to those of Leonard Park. These natural areas are a short stroll from the downtown shops and dining in this very walkable community.

The area is rich in history and several interesting sites are found in and around Mount Kisco. Muscoot Farm is a great way to learn about the area’s agricultural past. It’s an interpretive farm museum that celebrates the farm life of the late 19th century, offering a wide range of activities, classes, and children’s camps. Lasdon Arboretum is part of a county park, and features wonderful gardens as well as a veteran’s museum. You can spend the day enjoying the Chinese Garden, Chestnut Grove, and open meadows while learning about the native flora of the area. Another significant site near Mount Kisco is the John Jay Homestead, home of one of the county’s significant Colonial-era figures.

Mount Kisco Real Estate

Homes in Mount Kisco run the gamut from multimillion dollar estates to convenient apartments. In general, prices here are slightly more affordable than in neighboring villages. Combined with the amazing amenities the village offers, this makes Mount Kisco very appealing indeed.

When you’re ready to begin exploring Mount Kisco and its real estate, please feel free to contact our team at GioHomes. We look forward to hearing from you and to introducing you to the community.


Living in Waccabuc, NY

Waccabuc NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Waccabuc is a special segment of Westchester County and a hamlet of Lewisboro. Development has been carefully controlled to maximize the relaxing rural character of the area. The hamlet was named for Lake Waccabuc, which lies along its northern edge. Another prominent feature of this exclusive area is the Waccabuc Country Club, which has been a beautiful part of the county for more than 100 years. The club features a challenging 18-hole course, tennis, and a lakefront beach club, and is a social hub for the area. Its crisp white clapboard clubhouse on Mead Street is a local landmark.

The smallest of Lewisboro’s six hamlets, Waccabuc is also the most exclusive. The average home price here is at the top of the Westchester County range, at seven figures and above. Local homes are required to sit on a minimum of 2 to 4 acres, resulting in the hamlet’s low population density. About 500 residents make up the population of Waccabuc.

Living in Waccabuc

This was originally the vacation home of the Mead family, who made their fortune in real estate and railroad development. They were the sole residents until the 1960’s, when properties along Mead Street began to be offered for sale, and well-heeled New Yorkers discovered this sylvan secret.

Since then the community has been carefully guarded from intrusive development. In the early 2000’s the community purchased 100 acres to be set aside as a natural preserve, and many of the hamlet’s streets remain unpaved – not for lack of funds, but to discourage unnecessary traffic. Conservation is an important issue to the people in Waccabuc, where seclusion and natural beauty are favorite characteristics.

Waccabuc Real Estate

Homes in Waccabuc range from sprawling contemporaries with sparkling pools to cottages tucked into the woods. The limited number of waterfront homes means that there is rarely an opportunity to buy one, and they command premium prices. Turnover is very low among these treasured properties, which may stay in families for generations. Still, there are opportunities for buyers, and some developments that allow smaller lot sizes and a more modest price tag.

Waccabuc is an exclusive area bent on retaining its rustic roots, and homeowners are generally there to enjoy the peace of the woodlands and water. A short 50 miles from New York City, it’s a perfect retreat that is a world away.

To learn more about Waccabuc and its real estate, please do not hesitate to connect with our team at GioHomes today. We are standing by to assist you and look forward to introducing you to this premier community.


Living in South Salem, NY

South Salem NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The hamlet of South Salem sits at the south end of Truesdale Lake, and is part of the town of Lewisboro. In the heart of one of the nation’s wealthiest counties, this enclave is ideal for enjoying the area’s rolling hills and dense forests along with every comfort and convenience. Just an hour from the city, residents of South Salem can enjoy privacy and relaxation, with most family homes sitting on more than 2 acres of property.

Enjoyment of the outdoors is a major draw for the South Salem community. Truesdale Lake is a favorite spot for sailing, kayaking, fishing and more. This 83-acre lake with 3 islands provides a habitat for many species of fish and waterfowl, and the surrounding woods shelter an abundance of wildlife, including deer, wild turkeys, turtles, and all manner of small furry creatures. On the western side of South Salem, the 4,700-acre Ward Pound Ridge Preserve provides miles of trails to explore, along a network of small streams.

Living in South Salem

Living in South Salem can be tailored to your liking. A popular choice is the lovely and spacious homes along the lakeshore, which offer soothing views to feed the soul every day. Properties stretch down to the water and make it easy to slip your kayak in for a peaceful paddle or launch the family boat for a day on the water. The lake is a source of recreation all year round, and homes range from charming cottages to grand country retreats.

South Salem Real Estate

If convenience is at the top of your wish list, there are several options among South Salem’s townhomes that will charm you. These are trouble-free, stylish homes that give you more leisure time, and are a more affordable alternative to single-family homes with similar features. You can find condominiums and townhomes in wonderful lake and forest settings around South Salem.

Although Lewisboro and Westchester County are not known for their retail outlets, residents of South Salem have all of the basics nearby. The Lewisboro town hall and public library are located in South Salem, as well as the post office. From these Main Street establishments, it’s just a quick stroll to residences along Lake Shore Drive.

The schools in Lewisboro enjoy an excellent reputation and strong community support. They offer a challenging curriculum that includes extensive instruction in the fine arts. Students are involved in community service programs that extend their learning and personal development. Meadow Pond Elementary is located in South Salem, and enrolls around 400 students. The quality of local schools is such that many residents base their choice to live in Lewisboro on the excellent facilities and dedicated staff.

When you’re ready to explore South Salem real estate, do not hesitate to contact our team at GioHomes. We’re standing by to introduce you to this exceptional community.


Living in Cross River, NY

Cross River NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Cross River is one of the six hamlets that make up the town of Lewisboro. The area is popular for its beautiful natural setting and relaxing lifestyle, just an hour from the city. Cross River is adjacent to Westchester County’s largest park, and outdoor recreation is a great perk of living here.

The 4,700-acre Ward Pound Ridge Preserve includes camping sites and miles of trails along the Cross River and a network of other scenic streams. Residents make use of the area year-round, with cross-country skiing a popular winter sport. Families can hike or paddle for hours and enjoy the protected natural features and wildlife. Cross River is located at the mouth of the Cross River Reservoir, a favorite local spot for fishing and boating.

Living in Cross River

The community has been carefully developed, with open spaces set aside to maintain its rural character. You’ll find the privacy and charm of the countryside, all just an hour from midtown. In fact the rail commute to Grand Central is just over one hour.

Families are drawn to Lewisboro and Cross River by the excellent public schools. The district’s award-winning middle and high schools are located in Cross River. John Jay High School enrolls approximately 1200 students from the Katohah-Lewisboro area. It offers a challenging curriculum and most graduates (96% in 2014) go on to higher education. District schools stress community service and offer fully developed programs in the arts, including music and performing arts.

Cross River Real Estate

A stroll around Cross River will leave you with an impression of seclusion and ease. There is very little commercial development here, although the Cross River Shopping Center does supply the basics and a few places to grab a bite. The community’s best asset is the easy access to nature. Many homes in Cross River include 2 to 4-acre lots, enhancing the rural feel. There’s a tremendous selection of impressive and spacious family homes here, but you can also find lovely townhomes for turnkey convenience.

If you’re looking for a country home that’s a reasonable commute from the city, Cross River may be for you. You can’t beat the access to some of Westchester County’s favorite natural features, especially the Ward Pound Ridge Preserve, as well as several smaller lakes nearby. Home choices mean you can find just what you need, including acreage for horses or waterfront living and a dock in the backyard.

To learn more about Cross River real estate or to explore this vibrant community, do not hesitate to connect with our team at GioHomes today.