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Yorktown: Where Historic Charm and Big-City Amenities Combine

Yorktown is a historic community that mixes country living with modern amenities. It’s also just under an hour’s commute to New York City by rail. Yorktown is a wonderful place to raise a family, with its high-quality schools and varied options for sports, outdoor activities, and arts programs. Dating back to the late 1600s, Yorktown has a Revolutionary War history, and is now a town that has a little bit of everything, along with sweeping greenspace.

One of the wonderful things about owning a home in Yorktown is how easy it is to travel to and from the area. Both Manhattan and upstate New York can be reached without difficulty, allowing for activities throughout the Empire state. Closer to home, there are restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes, local shopping, and well-maintained parks.

Finding Your Yorktown Home

The number of parks and trails that can be accessed from Yorktown is extensive. The Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is a great destination for cooling off in a pool during the summer. Turkey Mountain has miles of trails that bring hikers to views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson River. The Hilltop Hanover Farm is a unique cultural location serves the community through educational programs and operates an exception program for providing freshly grown produce to the people in the region.

The town itself receives high “walkability” scores in community rating systems. The streets have expansive sidewalks and there are bike paths throughout town. The diversity of residents creates opportunities to get involved in their particular interests, including garden clubs and the like.

The Yorktown Stage is a performing arts venue with arts education programs and live theater for both children and adults. The Yorktown Stage has also developed the Yorktown Dance Company offering lessons for people of all ages in multiple styles of dance. Lacrosse is a very popular sport with the young athletes in Yorktown.

The Jack DeVito Veterans’ Memorial Field is a central spot in Yorktown. This is not just a track and field for sports; it has even earned recognition for being the best place to listen to music on a summer’s evening. Catch a band or an outdoor movie at the gazebo, or join the neighbors for the Memorial Day Parade or the Halloween Carnival.

Real Estate in Yorktown

Yorktown is a wonderful mix of affordable and safe neighborhoods that include Countryside where trick or treating is a sport, to Huntersville, which has all the charm of an old New England town.

Yorktown itself is spread across five hamlets including Jefferson Valley, Mohegan Lake, Shrub Oak, Crompond, and Yorktown Heights. There are many styles of homes to choose from in Yorktown like:

  • Large homes on park-like settings
  • Condominiums
  • Modest single-family residences

Yorktown NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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The Granite Springs Community of Somers

Another one of the hamlets that make up the Town of Somers is Granite Springs. A short drive to train stations and major highways, this rural area borders the Amawalk Reservoir and Yorktown. People are drawn here for the quiet and for its rural simplicity. Like most of the other hamlets in Somers, Granite Springs is primarily a residential neighborhood with only the basics that are readily available to buy. This is a prized aspect of a community that seeks to retain its character.

Find Your Rural Retreat in Granite Springs

Stuart’s Fruit Farm is part of Granite Springs’ rural charm. The oldest apple orchard in Westchester County, this picturesque, pick-your-own farm has been in the Stuart family since 1828. In the fall it is a popular destination for weekend family outings and school field trips.

While Granite Springs is mostly made up of homes, there is a small area of commercial development, where Traditions 188 Restaurant, known for gourmet dining, is located. For more extensive shopping, there are retailers located in The Somers Town Shopping Center and Somers Commons not far from Granite Springs.

Granite Springs is a fantastic community for those who love the outdoors,. Great local attractions include family-friendly Muscoot Farm Park; magnificent Ladson Park; and central Reis Park.

Muscoot Farm Park is a wonderful place to bring children and visitors on farm tours and hayrides and to explore many hiking trails.

Ladson Park, once the estate home of William and Mildred Ladson, features formal gardens, a wooded area, memorials, and a museum that honors Westchester County War veterans.

Reis Park is a great place to spend the day skateboarding or to visit the local library.
As for schools, Granite Springs is served by the Somers School District. The school system is known for its emphasis on academics, athletics and extracurricular activities with up-to-date facilities. Students from Granite Springs attend Primrose Elementary and then Somers Middle School.

Real Estate in Granite Springs

There is a wide range of home designs and styles throughout Granite Springs. With the open space in the area, there are opportunities for new construction. The median market price is currently $575,000.

Granite Springs NY Real Estate and Somers NY Homes for Sale

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Moving to Baldwin Place: What You Need to Know

Baldwin Place has great natural beauty and a quiet, bucolic feel. It is one of the five individual communities that make up the Town of Somers in Westchester County. This residential hamlet is in the northwestern section of Somers and offers a more laidback setting with a little hustle and bustle along with all the amenities that come with suburban living. It is an ideal location for settling down and raising a family.

Children from Baldwin Place attend school in the sought-after Somers Central School District. The school system is known for its emphasis on academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities in its up-to-date facilities.

Finding a Home in Baldwin Place

For shopping needs, those who live in the hamlet patronize the Somers Commons Shopping Center. Here there is a grocery store, small eateries, and other small retail options.It is only a short drive from Baldwin Place to Yorktown Heights, where shopping options abound. Traveling outside of the hamlet to shop is a trade-off that residents gladly make to preserve their corner of paradise.

This little hamlet possesses an extraordinary list of natural resources for leisure and recreation.Baldwin Place is close to the teaching exhibits and activities of the educationally oriented Muscoot Farm Park, an 18th century property that makes for a wonderful family-friendly field trip. It is worth taking the time to visit the farmyard and going on a hayride.

The Angle Fly Preserve is maintained by the Somers Land Trust and community volunteers and is a well-liked hiking destination for spotting local plants and wildlife. The railroad tracks that once made up the Putnam line that came to the Baldwin Place train station have been replaced. Now a rails-to-trails conservancy has converted the rail line into a popular 22-mile fitness trail.

Real Estate in Baldwin Place

In this well laid out and welcoming community, many of the homes that are available are beautifully designed newer constructions with many modern and custom amenities. There are also quite a few older homes with vintage architectural features, many of which have been extensively updated. Currently homes in Baldwin Place are priced in the $600,000 range making this hamlet an excellent choice for growing families.

Baldwin Place NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Baldwin NY

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The Charming Hamlet of Amawalk

The hamlet of Amawalk is one of the five distinct neighborhoods that make up the create the Town of Somers. It shares its name with the Amawalk Reservoir that provides drinking water to New York City and is located in the protected watershed region. For environmental reasons, residential and commercial development is limited in Amawalk, creating welcome peace and quiet in the hamlet. This is a lovely community, with towering trees along the streets and homes with water views.

Find Your Peaceful Retreat in Amawalk

Amawalk is a community that pairs living the good life with the calm beauty of undisturbed nature. This district in Somers is entirely residential.For shopping, people simply hop over to the other Somers neighborhood of Baldwin Place to use the Somers Commons shopping center.

Amawalk students are part of the Somers Central School District. The students in this school system perform very well academically across all grades and subjects. Children begin school at Primrose Elementary, leave for Somers Intermediate School in the sixth grade, and continue onto Somers High School.

Perfect for lovers of nature and the country lifestyle, Amawalk has large farmlands with acres of woods and fields that are great for walking and hiking. Popular Reis Park is nearby combining a skate park, fitness trails, and sports with a busy public library. Residents also enjoy the many walking and hiking trails that are in Koegel Park. Two of this area’s favorite places to spend the day in are at Muscoot Farm and Ladson Park. On a beautiful day, both of these spots are a great way to spend time with the family. Ladson Park boasts of an arboretum, formal gardens, and a tour of the Veteran’s Museum.

As a part of the Town of Somers, Amawalk shares in its quirky, circus history. The Elephant Hotel, built in the early 19th century by local resident Hachaliah Bailey is a reminder of the fame of Old Bet the circus elephant and entertainment of two centuries ago.

Real Estate in Amawalk

The homes here share are similarly prices with that of the larger Town of Somers. Amawalk consists mostly of single-family homes, many with sparkling views of the Amawalk Reservoir. The median home value is currently $434,000.

Amawalk NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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Everything You Need to Know about Lincolndale

Lincolndale is a beautiful community situated along Lake Lincolndale. For anyone who has ever dreamed of living on the banks of lake or who desires a home in Westchester County, Lincolndale could be the perfect place. A hamlet of the lovely town of Somers, Lincolndale shares Somers’s rich history with the Barnum and Bailey Circus and Old Bet the elephant. Lincolndale is the right combination of natural beauty and suburban living.

The History of Lincolndale

The history of this hamlet has always revolved around its beautiful lake. People originally built their summer homes here so they could have somewhere to go once summer in the city became intolerable. Gradually, after World War II, people chose to make Lincolndale their primary address.

Lake Lincolndale is fun central for residents. The supervised beach allow locals and guests to fish, swim, and go boating in the summer and ice-skating in the winter.This highly desired waterfront community is a great place to raise a family or enjoy retirement.

For golf enthusiasts, Lincolndale is a prime location. The famous Angelbrook Golf Club is considered one of the best-designed golf courses in both Westchester County and the United States. Golf Digest has also ranked the Ridgewood Golf Club as the “16th best in New York State.” Lincolndale is also home to the tennis courts, playgrounds and trails of Reis Park. Lasdon Park, Veterans Memorial,the Arboretum the Angle Fly Preserve are also spectacular places to visit for those who enjoy the outdoors.

As a section of the Town of Somers, Lincolndale is part of the Somers Central School District, which includes Primrose Elementary School and Somers High School. In addition to the public schools, there’s the in-residence Lincoln Hall Boys’ Haven, which was originally an orphanage in the Civil War. The private John F. Kennedy Catholic High School is located in Somers. Children are also fortunate to have access to the Somers Public Library, which is integrated into the community.

While shopping and dining is limited in the tiny hamlet of Lincolndale, there is access to nearby shopping and restaurants in the Town of Somers.

Real Estate in Lincolndale

The original vacation cottages along Lake Lincolndale still stand today and have become desirable single-family homes. The home prices in Lincolndale are in the $300,000 to $500,000 price range.

Lincolndale NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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Moving to Somers: Everything You Need to Know

The Town of Somers, in northern Westchester County, is the next hometown for those who are looking for the peaceful country life only 50 miles from New York City. The Town of Somers is made up of the hamlets of Lincolndale, Granite Springs, Amawalk, Shenorock, and Baldwin Place. Somers has much to offer to anyone looking for peace and the outdoors in a rural environment, with a quality school system and suburban benefits. The borders of Somers encompass New York City’s Croton Watershed system, which provides plenty of green space.

Considered “the birthplace of the American circus,” Somers has adopted the symbol of an elephant to represent the first elephant of Barnum and Bailey fame. Hachaliah Bailey was a resident of Somers when he brought “Old Bet” to the United States from Asia. The Elephant Hotel building still preserves that historic and quirky past.

Living in the Town of Somers

The Town of Somers has a lovely, family-friendly feel. The local Somers Central School district is comprised of four schools: two elementary, a middle, and a high school. For shopping and dining, there are two shopping plazas and many local businesses that can meet most needs.

Recreational opportunities abound in Somers.There are many youth organizations specializing in sports as well as a variety of parks.

Reis Park has a playground, picnic facilities, and a number of athletic fields. In summer, the recreation department hosts a day camp for children entering grades K through six during the workweek.

Ladson Park features acreage and spectacular gardens. For something different, Muscoot Farm Park offers hayrides for children.

Real Estate in Somers

When it comes to choosing the perfect home, there are many possibilities:

  • Historic homes
  • Townhouses
  • Large modern estates

Somers also offers the Heritage Hills development for people interested in planned communities. Heritage Hills provides convenient shopping and shuttles to the commuter rail.

Somers NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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Explore the Charming Community of Rye Brook

Within the boundaries of the elegant Town of Rye, sits the small, residential village of Rye Brook.This year, Rye Brook will celebrate its 30th year as an incorporated village. This little enclave in the embrace of Westchester’s oldest community is a lovely choice for elegant homes, high-quality schools, unique shops and dining, all within a commute to New York City that is under an hour.

A selection of locally owned shops can be found in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center. Here, residents see the convenience of shopping at the neighborhood grocery store and then checking out unique boutiques for both adults and children. There are also many casual eateries at the shopping center, just a few blocks away from residents.

Moving to Rye Brook

There are two school districts in Rye Brook: the highly sought after Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District, which administers Blind Brook High School. Other students are within the Westchester Boces School District, which operates Westchester Boces School for grades seven through twelve.

Much of Rye Brook is dedicated to its parks. However the parks in Rye Brook are not just typical trees and trails – they are often vibrant gathering spots for residents. There are outdoor screenings of family-friendly movies on summer nights in Pine Ridge Park, for example.

Then there’s Crawford Park, which was made possible by a generous donation to the town. The grounds of the stately Crawford mansion now sport playing fields and walking trails around the former gardens. The mansion itself is open for tours and is used for private events and a public concert series.

Real Estate in Rye Brook

In this great residential village there are plenty of diverse housing options such as:

  • Upscale condominiums
  • Completely renovated older homes with country charm
  • Sprawling estates.

There are many upscale homes located in the Blind Brook and Hillandale areas of Rye Brook. The median price for homes here runs approximately $800,000.

Rye Brook NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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