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3 Biggest Seller Mistakes

There’s a lot of work involved in selling your home, and mistakes can be numerous.

Here are 3 of the biggest you should avoid:

  1. Overpricing

    Why do sellers overprice their homes?Sellers Mistakes - GioHomesPerhaps they’re aiming to squeeze a little more profit from their property. Perhaps they’re making room for negotiation. Perhaps their sentimental attachment is clouding their better judgment.Remember that your home is only worth what the market is willing to pay you for it, and overpricing will have serious consequences on the value of your property.

    For one thing, when you give your home a price that’s far above its market value, you will automatically lose a score of potential buyers who will find your price range far beyond their reach. Even those who are interested will not give your property a second look.

    Overpricing will also mean your home will remain unsold for a very long time – prompting wary buyers to question a piece of property that has been sitting on the market far longer than it should. Because, yes, what’s wrong with it?

    This, in turn, will make it even more difficult to sell the home, perpetuating the perception that there’s something wrong with the property.

    Keep in mind that in order to avoid frustration and many potential headaches, set the right price for your home at the start.

  2. Neglect

    When selling a home, it’s best to remember that first impressions count a lot to potential buyers.To make sure you see the house as they do, walk through your home as if you yourself were interested in buying it.Would you bet your hard-earned money on a place that looked rundown or neglected? Take note of features that need to be repaired or upgraded.

    Focus on low-cost but high-impact improvements like refinishing cabinets, installing granite countertops, painting surfaces, replacing fixtures, and enhancing curb appeal. These features are the top things buyers look for when they check out a home.

  3. Little or no marketing

    How your home is marketed to buyers plays a large role in its eventual purchase.Being complacent and thinking that buyers will simply find your home is a big mistake.What you need is effective and dynamic marketing.

    Working with a real estate agent with a good marketing plan is important. Your agent can expose your home to buyers through a variety of channels, from traditional advertising outlets to social media platforms.

    Having a real estate professional assist you in selling your home will prevent you from making these seller mistakes, while helping you get top dollar for your property in the quickest possible time.

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