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Take your Kids to the Greenburgh Nature Center

Photo courtesy of Greenburgh National Center Facebook Page.

Photo courtesy of Greenburgh Nature Center Facebook Page.

If you’re searching for a new place to take your kids during the weekend, the Greenburgh Nature Center is a terrific choice.

Located just off Central Avenue in Scarsdale, the 33-acre preserve offers children a fun, interactive, and educational experience with nature. The sprawling nature preserve boasts over 30 acres of woodland, two wetland sites, educational exhibits, and hundreds of fascinating wildlife species.

Here are several attractions available in this scenic hidden paradise:

Hiking trails

The Greenburgh Nature Center’s Blue Trail offers a memorable outdoor adventure for visitors. The trail is about 1/3 mile in length starting from the back of the main building, circling around Woodfrog Pond, and back to the starting point.

Hikers on the Blue Trail will be treated to a scenic adventure on unpaved paths surrounded by wildlife, majestic oaks, dogwoods, viburnum shrubs, wildflowers, and mushrooms.

Native plant meadow

See a fascinating collection of indigenous plants, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife at Greenburgh Nature Center’s native plant meadow.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the meadow’s walking paths or quietly observe the beautiful surroundings in the comfortable seating area.

The native plant meadow also serves as the venue for the center’s annual live butterfly exhibit during the summer.

Indoor exhibits

Greenburgh Nature Center’s live animal museum boasts a massive collection of more than a hundred species and a diverse variety of plants collected from all over the world.

In addition to its plant and animal collection, the museum also hosts nature-related photo and art exhibits featuring the work of talented local and visiting artists.

Nature camps

The Greenburgh Nature Center offers educational camps where children can enjoy a wide range of nature-based activities and games. They’ll be able to interact with animals, create artwork, develop essential survival skills, and learn more about the vast wonders of nature.