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Scarsdale NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Over time, Scarsdale has made a place for itself in popular culture. Various songs and films have made references to this charming old town in Westchester, New York. Nestled among the towns of Eastchester, Greenburgh, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and White Plains, Scarsdale is upscale with a sense of Old World grandeur.Tudor and Colonial-style homes (both old and new) are plentiful here.

A Brief History

Scarsdale was named after the ancestral home of one Caleb Heathcote in Derbyshire, England. Heathcote bought the land that would later become Scarsdale at the end of the 17th century. He left the land to his daughters after his death in 1721 and Scarsdale was officially founded on March 7, 1788.

Five Neighborhoods

Scarsdale is made up of five neighborhoods with plenty of housing and recreational options to offer. You’ll find some of the oldest homes in the communities of Fox Meadow and Greenacres, which are also attractive to commuters as they’re located in close proximity to the Hartsdale and Scarsdale train stations.There are quite a few luxurious estate homes in Heathcote, while homes built on smaller lots are found in Edgewood. Quaker Ridge contains newer housing stock; many homes here were built between the 1950s and 1970s.

Top Schools Recreational Opportunities

The town is served by the Scarsdale Union Free School District, which is competitive and top-tier. SAT averages in Scarsdale are several notches higher thanthey are in much of the rest of the country, so much so that schools here are opting to replace Advanced Placement classes with the more rigorous Advanced Topics classes.

Recreational Opportunities

There are plenty of shops and green spaces in Scarsdale that locals and visitors enjoy. The town also has an open-air complex that boasts four pools. Children have plenty of after-school activities to choose from, thanks to the child-centered offerings in town, as well as programs from the Parks Recreation and Conservation Department.

There are plenty of community events throughout the year as well, including the always well-attended Scarsdale Concoursd’Elegance. This annual car show and fundraising event has since its inceptionraised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities and organizations.


White Plains

White Plains NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

White Plains has undergone a significant transformation over recent years. The city that used to be most well-known for its vast collection of office complexes has upped its livability score. Staid old White Plains is gone. Now, world-class hotels, condominiums, and apartments in lofty towers dominate the skyline. Before, the city didn’t have a great deal to offer its residents and visitors past 5 in the afternoon. Now it’s a completely different scene. There are a myriad restaurants and bars to check out and the shopping options here are endless.

Accessible, modern, and vibrant, White Plains is the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester Countywith good reason. Located just 30 minutes away from the Big Apple, this small yet vibrant city north of the big city has quite a lot to offer residents and visitors. With over 57,800 residents, White Plains is a thriving community and there are plenty of employment opportunities here since it serves as the commercial heart of the region.

Shopping, Dining and Recreation Options

People from around Westchester and beyond head here not just to work, but also to shop, dine and get their dose of culture. White Plains is a shopaholic’s dream. Some of its biggest and most popular shopping malls are The Source at White Plains, The Westchester, and The Galleria at White Plains. Aside from large shopping complexes, several upscale department stores have also built branches here.

White Plains does not lack for green spaces. There’s Cranberry Lake Preserve, for one, which is sprawled over 190 acres of land, offering plenty of room for outdoor fun. Saxon Woods Park is another popular destination, where you can golf, swim, and where kids can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities.

Arts and Education

White Plains is home to the 410-seater White Plains Performing Arts Center, the premier venue for Broadway shows, concerts, and various theater events in the city. Westchester’s lone professional symphony orchestra, the Westchester Philharmonic, is also based in White Plains.

The city is served by the White Plains Public School System. White Plains is home to a number of public and private or parochial schools, as well as options for tertiary education.



Mamaroneck NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Located approximately 23 miles north of New York City, Mamaroneck is “the place where the sweet waters fall into the sea.” The community is known for its rich cultural heritage, old town charm, and overall exceptional quality of life.

History and Geography

Originally occupied by Siwanoy Indians in the 17th century, the land thatwould later become known as Mamaroneck was bought by Englishman John Richbell. May 17, 1788 saw the official creation of the Town of Mamaroneck.

Known for its economic progress and cultural diversity, Mamaroneckhas been seeing a succession of businesses flocking into town in recent years, though it has remained a primarily suburban community. The town is home to approximately 30,000 residents and extends across an area of 14 square miles right along Long Island Sound. Within it are two villages – Larchmont and the Village of Mamaroneck (which extends into Rye) – and it also has an unincorporated area.

Larchmont is where you’ll find the old and historic “Manor House,” built in 1797 by Peter Jay Munro, a prominent attorney and abolitionist. The part of Mamaroneck Village on the west bank of the Mamaroneck River features beaches, pools, and marinas.

The Good Life

What makes life in Mamaroneck so good? Apart from its beautiful waterfront location, there’s also the fact that it boasts very low crime and unemployment rates and has an altogether serene feel. The commute to NYC is relatively short and Greenwich is just a 15-minute drive away.

Residents of Mamaroneck also enjoy low sales tax of 7.38%. There are several parks where residents and visitors can spend their leisure time, including Columbus Park and Harbor Island Park.

Most of Mamaroneck is served by the Mamaroneck Union Free School District. The part of Mamaroneck village that sits on the town of Rye is served by the Rye Neck Union Free School District.

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Rye NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

First settled by Europeans in 1660, Rye is Westchester County’s oldest permanent non-native settlement. Now, you may confuse the city of Rye with the town of Rye. The city actually used to be part of the town until 1904 when residents in the area decided that they wanted to be their own village. In 1942, the split became permanent when the village became the city of Rye.

Rye is characterized by its exceptional blend of historic charm and thoroughly modern first-class services and facilities. The city strikes a perfect balance, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a sought-after place to live.

Traditional yet Modern

Rye can be described as a predominantly residential community, though it is, notably, the headquarters of Jarden Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. Most of its residents commute to New York City, which is around a 50-minute drive away. The city has been careful to keep too much development at bay, wanting to preserve its residential character. Rye has been able to preserve its historical identity and integrity while riding the waves of the changing times.

Education and Recreation

Rye is home to the renowned Rye High School. This center for learning has been consistently gracing various best-of lists through the years and is widely considered to be one of the best schools not just in New York State, but in the country as well. Another academic institution of note is Rye Country Day School, a private college preparatory school. Two public school districts serve the city of Rye: the Rye City School District and the Rye Neck School District.

One of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country, the Dragon Coaster, is housed in the historic amusement park that is Rye Playland. Open spaces are also plentiful in Rye and this includes its most recent purchase, a sprawling private country club. Rye’s attractive communities feature tree-lined streets and there are quite a few winding brooks in the area, all of which makes for a very quaint and storybook setting.



Yonkers NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

In July 1645, a 24,000-acre land grant was purchased by the first lawyer in New York, Adriaen van der Donck. He was locally known as the Jonkheer or Jonker, which meant “young gentleman” and “Esquire.” It was from that nickname that the name “Yonkers” was derived.

Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in the state of New York and the most populous city in Westchester County, surpassing county seat White Plains. In the past, Yonkers enjoyed periods of prosperity, as well as periods of tremendous hardship and scandal. This colorful history has helped make it one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in the region.

Four Main Neighborhoods, Four Flavors

Northeast Yonkers. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame once called Northeast Yonkers home. Most of Yonkers’ upscale housing is found here. The prestigious and highly renowned liberal arts institution, Sarah Lawrence College, is located in this neighborhood as well.

Northwest Yonkers. This is where you will find many beautifully preserved Victorian-era homes. Bordered by the Hudson River to the west, Northwest Yonkers has riverfront views aplenty and has a diverse housing stock.

Southeast Yonkers. This particular corner of Yonkers has one of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country. You can find Little Italy in a small portion of Midland Avenue in Dunwoodie.

Southwest Yonkers. Last but not the least, this is where you will find Getty Square, Yonkers’ downtown district. Many of Yonkers’ historic sites and tourist attractions are located here, such as the Philipse Manor Hall and the Science Barge. The city government, various businesses, and shopping and dining options are found in Getty Square.


Yonkers is served by Yonkers Public Schools. Aside from Sarah Lawrence College, other institutions of higher learning can be found in the city – there’s Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, which is found in the neighborhood of Crestwood in Northeast Yonkers. Yonkers is also home to Westchester Community College’s Yonkers Extension Center.


New Rochelle

New Rochelle NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Known as La Nouvelle Rochelle back in the late 17th century, the area that would become known as New Rochelle offered refuge to Huguenots (French Protestants) who were then being persecuted. Most of the refugees were artisans and craftsmen from La Rochelle, France, which is why the area was eventually named New Rochelle.

Located on the shores of Long Island Sound, which serves as its southern border, New Rochelle is bordered by Scarsdale to the northeast, and Mamaroneck and Larchmont to the east. New Rochelle is easily accessible; around half an hour’s drive north of Manhattan, it has access to major highways, airports, and the Metro-North railroad. The city is home to more than 79,000 residents.

New Rochelle is often referred to as “the Queen City of the Sound” due to its 2.7-mile Long Island Sound coastline, and the city contains a wide variety of housing options. These range from luxurious single-family homes in the affluent Wykagyl area to townhouses, condos and co-ops downtown.

Topnotch Education and Parks

New Rochelle boasts a significant number of parks, lakes and nature preserves that locals and visitors can enjoy. Within New Rochelle’s boundaries are almost two dozen parks, natural areas such as the 15-mile Colonial Greenway, and lakes like the 7.5-acre Beechmont Lake. One of the most popular green spaces in the area is Glen Island Park, which features picnic areas and pavilions, a beach, a boat launching, numerous trails, and quite a few remnants from its days as a popular summer resort during the Victorian era. The city also has its own marina, the New Rochelle Municipal Marina, notable for being “the Sound Shore area’s only Clean Green and ADA-accessible facility.”

The city is served by the City School District of New Rochelle. The district administers half a dozen elementary schools, an early childhood center, two middle schools, and one high school. New Rochelle is also home to Monroe College, the College of New Rochelle, and Iona College.



Larchmont NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Larchmont is a picturesque waterfront town located on Long Island Sound within the town of Mamaroneck in Westchester County. Originally inhabited by Siwanoy Indians, it was discovered by the Dutch in 1614 and was soon after settled by Dutch and British settlers.

One popular story about Larchmont was about how it got its name. It has something to dowith Peter Jay Munro, who was a leading abolitionist during the 18th century and lived in the historic Manor House (which is now the oldest home still standing in Larchmont). Since it was located near the Boston Post Road, the home was exposed to dust during summer. Munro’s gardener came up with a solution to keep the air in Manor House clean by importing larch trees from Scotland, eventually giving rise to the name “Larchmont.”

Small-town Atmosphere

Once a resort community that was patronized by wealthy New Yorkers, Larchmont has a friendly and inviting small town atmosphere. Some of its old Victorian cottages still stand today, along with a few of its grand hotels (some of which have been converted to private residences).

Larchmont, home to more than 5,900 residents, is what you would consider a bedroom community since most of its residents opt to work in the city. This doesn’t mean that Larchmont lacks modern amenities, however. In fact, it has a collection of small boutique shops, fine dining restaurants, and coffee shops. Residents are particularly fond of restaurants such as Chat 19 and Larchmont Tavern and downtown Larchmont offers residents and visitors more shopping and nightlife.

Recreation and Education

Larchmont has plenty of recreational opportunities. Some of its most famous parks are Hommocks Park and Flint Park. Locals and visitors go to Hommocks Park for its pool, soccer and baseball fields, as well as its ice rink. Hommocks Park also hosts an annual thanksgiving tournament and is the home of the New York Raptors. As for Flint Park, it has various sports facilities, a playground, and a picnic area.

Chatsworth Avenue School is the only school in Larchmont and is under the Mamaroneck Union Free School District.

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Harrison NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Located 22 miles northeast of Manhattan and directly east of White Plains, Harrison is a coterminous village and town with a total area of over 17 square miles. Home to approximately 28,000 residents, it’s a place steeped in history and community pride. Every year, the town and village of Harrison celebrates “It’s Great to Live in Harrison Day” (which also doubles as their Columbus Day celebration). Surrounding the town are White Plains, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, Rye town, Rye city, and North Castle.

Harrison is named after John Harrison, who had been granted the land where the community now lies back in the late 1600s. The town and village incorporated on March 7, 1788 through an act passed by the New York State legislature.

Quality of Life

Harrison does not only provide an easy commute to NYC, it serves as a peaceful and relaxing getaway at the same time. Despite being relatively close to Manhattan, Harrison maintains a very laidback and serene pace. Within Harrison’s boundaries are numerous restaurants, shopping areas, a wide range of entertainment and recreational options, and quite a few country clubs. Here you’ll find Willow Ridge, the Golf Club of Purchase, Old Oaks, and Century Country Club, among others.


The southern half of Harrison is commonly referred as downtown despite not being the center of commerce within the town and village. Downtown also houses the Harrison High School, the only high school in Harrison. West Harrison is an area that’s a little off the beaten path just like another Harrison hamlet, Purchase, which is home to larger residential properties and is located north of Harrison.

Harrison is served by the Harrison Central School District. It is also home to the Keio Academy of New York, a private high school. Institutions of higher learning in Harrison include Manhattanville College and the Westchester campus of Fordham University.


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