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Purchase NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

In the coterminous village and town of Harrison in Westchester County, you’ll find the beautiful hamlet of Purchase.A short drive away from White Plains and Greenwich, Connecticut, it is a largely residential community with a lovely rural atmosphere amplified by vistas of lush rolling hills and some of the most beautiful real estate in the country.
According to local legend, Purchase derived its name from “Harrison’s Purchase.” John Harrison, after whom the town of Harrison was named, bought the land that would become Purchase from an Indian chief named Pathungo in 1695. Disputes arose when it was revealed that the land was also sold to two other men. John Harrison had an advantage, however, as he was the only one who filed claims with New York’s provincial government.

The Purchase of today is a balanced mix of the old and the new, the majestic and the modest. Despite its constantly changing landscape, Purchase still retains its old charms.

Spectacular Neighborhoods

Single-family homes built on large tracts of land dominate the housing market in Purchase. Grand old mansions still survive to this day, while new developments built on old parcels of land have sprung up to accommodate an influx of newcomers. Colonial Revival homes in Ophir Farms, Morningside, and the Springs start in the low millions, while postmodern colonial homes that go up to 5,000 sq. ft. in the gated community of Lincoln Rise sell up to $3 million.

Great Educational Opportunities

Purchase is home to several academic institutions that offer the best education possible to its growing student population. Harrison Central School District supervises Purchase Elementary and Harrison High School. As for seats of higher learning, Purchase is home to the Manhattanville College, the State University of New York at Purchase, the Westchester campus of Fordham University, and Keio Academy of New York.



Hartsdale NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

A lush suburban landscape serves as the backdrop for the small hamlet of Hartsdale. The high-rises in East Hartsdale Avenue provide an urban feel while long and winding country roads add a touch of rural living to this little New York hamlet.

Like most of its neighbors, Hartsdale was once populated by Native American tribes and was later settled by European settlers and colonialists. Prior to the arrival of the British, Hartsdale was part of Dutch merchant Frederick Philipse’svast manor. It is said that Hartsdale played an important role in the Revolutionary War and The Odell House, which still stands today, served as the headquarters of a French in this period. After the conflict, the land was confiscated until the area finally became known as Hartsdale in the mid-19th century.

A Great Place to Live

An easy commute to White Plains and Manhattan is one of the things that make Hartsdale so appealing to potential homebuyers. Hartsdale is only a short drive away from the heart of NYC, and has access to major thoroughfares such as the Bronx River Parkway and New York State Route 100. This makes it very attractive particularly to young professionals and young families.

Hartsdale’s local real estate market offers luxury properties as well as reasonably priced housing options that offer great value. Rows of apartment buildings and co-ops can be found on East Hartsdale Avenue, which has a plethora of shops, restaurants.Poets’ Corner and Colleges Corner are some of Hartsdale’s neighborhoods where you can find single-family homes that come in different styles and sizes.

Education and Parkland

Hartsdale is served by the Greenburgh Central School District and is also home to private institutions such as Solomon Schechter School of Westchester and Maria Regina High School.

Recreational opportunities are found in Brook Nature Preserve and Arboretum, which houses a barn, a pond, a greenhouse, and at least 2.5 miles of walking trails. Ridge Road Park features playgrounds, trails, and the Miracle Field, a handicapped-accessible area.



Tarrytown NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

History and modern amenities meet in Tarrytown, a village overlooking the rushing waters of the mighty Hudson River. It is located approximately 25 miles north of New York City, within the town of Greenburgh. One of Westchester County’s River Towns, Tarrytown was named one of “America’s Prettiest Towns” by Forbes Magazine in 2012. It’s hard to argue against this distinction for who could resist the village’s collection of grand estates, river views, and fantastic architecture?

This diverse neighborhood of over 11,400 people was once inhabited by the Weckquaesgeek tribe of Native Americans. In the 17th century, a wave of Dutch settlers crossed the Atlantic and came upon the area and found the area’s loamy soil so perfect for growing wheat that the Dutchmen started to call the vicinity “Terwe Town” or “Wheat Town.” Due to constant mispronunciation, Terwe Town eventually became Tarrytown.

The Millionaire’s Colony

At the turn of the century, Tarrytown had established itself as a playground for wealthy New Yorkers, earning itself the nickname “Millionaire’s Colony.” John D. Rockefeller and John D. Archbold are some of the magnates and entrepreneurs who have built grand estates in the village, some of which still survive today. Hillcrest, Harden House, Carrollcliff, Jay Gould’s gothic castle Lyndhurst, and the Rockefellers’Kykuitare all worth a visit.

Vibrant and diverse

Nowadays, a new breed of entrepreneurshas made Tarrytown their home. Young business owners have set up shops, restaurants, and services, much to locals’ delight. Compared to other rivertowns, Tarrytown is economically diverse, and it is reflected in the local real estate. Reasonably priced housing options ranging from single to multiple family homes, co-ops, and condos are found throughout the neighborhood. If you’re not ready to buy, you’ll find that rentals are also offered.

Public Schools of Tarrytowns serves both the village and its neighbor, Sleepy Hollow. Tarrytown is also home to EF International Academy and The Hackley School.



Irvington NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Woodlands, rolling hills, and well-preserved 19th century buildings greet you once you set foot within the charming village of Irvington. One of the so-called “River Towns”, the village of Irvington is located in the town of Greenburgh, just a short drive away from White Plains and New York City. What was once a home of Native Americans became a community of Dutch, and later, English settlers.

The village wasn’t always known as Irvington; during the 1850s, John Jay laid out the lots in the area and named the village after Justice Dearman. It was only renamed to Irvington in 1854 by popular demand to honor Washington Irvington, author of “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

A Sight for Sore Eyes

One of Irvington’s most cherished attributes is its greenery. One-third of the village is undeveloped public land, providing large and green open spaces for everybody to enjoy. Estates built by the wealthy during the 19th century feature acres of woodlands that add more allure to the village. To top it all off, Irvington is home to well-preserved historical buildings that now house restaurants and boutiques. Irvington is a welcome retreat especially to those who work in the concrete jungle of New York City.It’s no wonder Westchester Magazine named Irvington the best place to live in Westchester in 2013. If you live in a town this beautiful, you wouldn’t mind getting lost in it.

Living in Irvington

Enjoy an exceptional quality of life in Irvington with its plethora of shops, dining options, and recreational opportunities. Embrace brand new beginnings in your own Irvington home. Choose from a variety of housing options; single to three-family homes are available, as well as co-ops, condos, rentals, and luxurious estates.

Great restaurants and shops await you in historic Main Street. Relax and rewind after a day of shopping and dining in any of Irvington’s four parks: Matthiessen Park, Halsey Pond, Memorial Park, and Scenic Hudson Park.

The village is served by the Irvington Union Free School District.



Hastings-on-Hudson NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The suburban village of Hastings-on-Hudson is located in the town of Greenburgh in Westchester County and traversed by U.S. Route 9. The village has a land area of just 2 square miles and has an estimated population of 7,947 people according to the 2013 United States Census Bureau.

Hastings-on-Hudson is located in the southwesternportion of New York, across the Palisades, at the mouth of the Hudson River. Compared to most suburban cities, it has efficient and accessible transportation systems, making it a very easy place to get into, out of and around, whether by train or by bus.


The public schools in Hastings-on-Hudson, which include Hillside Elementary, Farragut Middle School and Hastings High School, have beenawarded the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence for their exemplary performance in academics and for their high performing students.

Attractions & Recreation

You’ll never run out of things to see and do when in the area. Offering everythingfrom weekly community events to outdoor recreational hotspots and shopping destinations, Hastings-on-Hudson is far from being a sleepy suburban town. Its vibrant Main Street, which remains the heart of the community, won the “Best Main Street” award from Westchester Magazine in 2008.

If you’re looking to spend some time enjoying the outdoors, you can head out to the various parks and greenspaces that are strewn throughout the area, from Hillside Woods to the Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park (a linear park) and the South County Trailway. If you’re the outdoor team sports type, you can head out to one of Hastings-on-Hudson’s many playing fields found all over the village.

One of the most popular seasonal events here is the Hastings Farmer’s Market, happening from June to November and from December to May at the Hastings Library parking lot.This weekend market features interesting local products from desserts to spices as well as fresh organic produce. It’s atrue local gem and it represents what Hastings-on-Hudson is all about.



Elmsford NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The Village of Elmsford is located in the town of Greenburgh in Westchester County. It has a total land area of 1.1 square miles and an estimated population of 4,780 according to the 2013 estimates from the US Census Bureau. Elmsford is traversed by a road system that connects the village to numerous major highways, including Interstate 287 and Cross Westchester Expressway, making it easily accessible to neighboring communities such as Scarsdale and White Plains.

Brief History of Elmsford

The village was composed mostly of farmland long before it was incorporated as a city in 1910 and its development into a mainly residential community began with the construction of railroads in the area. Elmsford got its name from the massive elm tree that was once one of itsmost prominent landmarks.

Attractions and Landmarks

When in Elmsford, some of the most-visited attractions are the Westchester Broadway Theatre and the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. Among its most treasured historic landmarks located is the Elmsford Reformed Church and Cemetery. Built in 1793, this two-story wooden frame building with handmade ornaments and frames was used as a venue for religious and community gatherings by members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Thechurch and cemetery is listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Schools and Recreational Facilities

Elmsford has one public elementary and one public junior/senior high school managed by the Elmsford Union Free School District. The village has one Roman Catholic private school as well called Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

On the east of Elmsford you’ll find Knollwood Country Club, one of the oldest golfing institutions in Westchester. The country club and 18-hole golf course spans over 75 acres and used to be farmland until it was bought by prominent New York attorney Augustus T. Gillender during the 1890s, whose vision to transform it into an upscale private community with its very own country club.

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids, you can head to the children’s playground at Carol Nichols Park where you can also find facilities for basketball, baseball, softball and tennis. Other green spaces in the village include Pocantico Park, West Rumbrook Park and Massaro Park.


Dobbs Ferry

Dobbs Ferry NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

One of the four river towns located adjacent to the great Hudson River, Dobbs Ferry used to be overlooked by people in favor of chic Irvington or artsy Hastings-on-Hudson. That was then, however, as Dobbs Ferry is now a thriving community that boasts a world-class school district and plenty of open recreational space.

Situated within the limits of the town of Greenburgh, Dobbs Ferry (affectionately known as “Dobbs” by locals) has grown into a lively community that provides its residents with various kinds of opportunities. Dobbs Ferry is a primarily residential community and has many great amenities, excellent education, and plenty of dining options; it’s no wonder why a lot of people have made this their home.

Diverse and Lively

Dobbs Ferry has grown increasingly diverse over the past few years; an attribute that draws more potential homebuyers to the community. Since more and more people are coming to Dobbs Ferry, the neighborhood has undergone several changesto accommodate its residents and visitors better. The waterfront has been upgraded for one and among its most recent improvements area new fishing pier, a playground, and a dock.

Restaurants and shops line Cedar and Main Streets, where you will also find great Victorian and Colonial homes and quite a few homes that are of the mid-century modern persuasion. In Dobbs Ferry, you can also find apartments, condominiums, and even tiny, wood-frame homes.

Academic and Recreational Pursuits

The establishment of the Dobbs Ferry Union Free School in 1998 changed everything for Dobbs Ferry. It’s what drew the sudden influx of people to the small riverside community. What’s so special about it? The local school district is the first among Westchester school districts to join the prestigious Geneva-based International Baccalaureate organization, which offers high school upperclassmen a two-year pre-university course of study.

Residents and visitors can visit Gould Park and Memorial Park during their downtime for some rest and relaxation, while outdoor and fitness lovers often head tothe Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, which runs through Dobbs Ferry.



Ardsley NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Despite being totally landlocked, the village of Ardsley is referred to locally as one of Westchester’s river towns (along with the villages of Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, and Dobbs Ferry). Located within the town of Greenburgh, Ardsley, at first glance, is a low-key community, but there’s just something about this neighborhood that makes it so popular among homebuyers.

Once called Ashford, the village of Ardsley was originally settled by a branch of the Algonquin nation’s Mohican tribe called the Weckqueskecks. A group of English and Dutch colonizers arrived in the late 17th century and the land then became part of Philipsburg or Philipse Manor, which was owned by thePhilipse family. The land changed hands once again as Frederick Philipse, a royalist, fled to Britain during the Revolution. The 19th century saw progress in Ardsley and the village was finally incorporated in 1896.

Housing Options

Ardsley offers a special kind of comfort to its residents, and the community’s mix of housing options definitely contribute to that signature Ardsley welcome. Within tree-lined neighborhoods as well as the business district, you’ll find condominiums and single-family homes. Small clusters of large and luxurious Colonials still stand in select areas of the neighborhood, while some of these old properties have been split into smaller parcels of land.

A High Performing School District

Perhaps Ardsley’s most attractive draw is its highly rated and top-performing school district. The Ardsley Union Free School District serves approximately 2, 300 students (including those from other municipalities). Ardsley High School’s stellar performance in educating its students has received constant praise and recognition. Special education students are not forgotten and are part of the district’s priorities; 96 percent of special education children are taught by Ardsley’s school district unlike most of the county, which chooses to send their students to Board of Cooperative Services schools.

Recreation options and sport programs are located well within the reach of all neighborhoods. There are lighted playing courts and fields for various sports, as well as a playground, a picnic area, and a skateboard park. Ardsley also supports its local arts community and is part of the Rivertowns Arts Council, which was established with the three other river towns.


Living in Greenburgh , NY

Greenburgh NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Greenburgh is a town located in the western part of Westchester County. The Hudson River lies west of the town with the Tappan Zee Bridge built over it, connecting Tarrytown in Greenburgh to South Nyack in Orangetown.

The town is composed of six incorporated villages: Elmsford, Tarrytown,Ardsley, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, and Hastings-on-Hudson. About half of its population resides within these villages, while the rest live in Greenburgh’s unincorporated area.

Greenburgh has a lot going for it, with its thriving communities and neighborhoods, bustling business districts, scenic parks, excellent dining options, good schools, and a host of enjoyable recreational activities.

Escape to Nature

The Greenburgh Nature Center is a wonderful nature preserve that features 33 acres of winding nature trails, ponds, plenty of picturesque gardens, exhibits, and a wildflower meadow. Over 70,000 guests visit this paradise annually. At the nature center, you can find a spectacular variety of all sorts of wildlife, including hundreds of species of migratory birds, who flock to the preserve during spring and fall.

Hikers can go on an adventure on the Blue Trail, a scenic nature trail that’s around a third of a mile long. An amazing display of natural beauty be seen while traversing this breathtaking trail nestled beneath hundreds of towering oaks and surrounded by a variety of rare flora and fauna. If you get tired, take a quick break at the pond and relax while viewing some of the migratory birds and other wildlife that inhabit the area.

Read Up

Recently renovated, the Greenburgh Public Library is the fifth largest in the Westchester Library System. The library houses a collection of over 213,000 items that include books, periodicals, videos, CDs and DVDs, audio books, and plenty of downloadable material.

In addition to the tons of content, the library also offers services and activities catered to children, such as storytelling sessions, a children’s book club, homework help, and musical programs.



Living in Eastchester, NY

Eastchester NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The town of Eastchester is located in southern Westchester County, and encompasses the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe.

A Brief History

Eastchester started out as a settlement for ten families who migrated from Fairfield, Connecticut during 1664. The town was established a year after, under an agreement known as the “Eastchester Covenant.” The town went through a lot of changes in the succeeding years and was a farming community at the beginning of the American Revolution.

Today, Eastchester is a community filledwith a wide variety of vibrant neighborhoods as well as a diverse mix of parks, restaurants, shopping hubs, good schools, and endless opportunities for recreation.

Shopping, Dining, and Recreation Options

Eastchester has many areas that are ideal for outdoor activities and all kinds of sports. There are parks of all sizes – from mini-parks perfect for picnics to sprawling areas such as Lake Isle Park, a terrific spot for swimming, golf or tennis. Tuckahoe residents can drop by the nearby Parkway Oval, a 14-acre park that features a basketball court and fields for baseball, softball, and soccer. The park also provides access to a jogging and bicycle path that is located alongside the Bronx River.

For those who enjoy shopping, there are a good number of shops and retail hubs around Eastchester, including Vernon Hills Shopping Center, an outdoor mall with popular tenants such as Lord & Taylor, Gap, and Banana Republic. You can also find many strip malls that include chains such as Old Navy and Eastern Mountain Sports.

Fantastic restaurants abound in Eastchester. These offer a wide variety of cuisines, and there are options for everything from a night out with your significant other or with the whole family. Try some Italian food at Burrata Wood Fired Pizza or Polpettina, sample French cuisine at Jackie’s Bistro Restaurant, or some mouthwatering burgers at Piper’s Kilt.