Tarrytown NY Real Estate and Homes for Sale

History and modern amenities meet in Tarrytown, a village overlooking the rushing waters of the mighty Hudson River. It is located approximately 25 miles north of New York City, within the town of Greenburgh. One of Westchester County’s River Towns, Tarrytown was named one of “America’s Prettiest Towns” by Forbes Magazine in 2012. It’s hard to argue against this distinction for who could resist the village’s collection of grand estates, river views, and fantastic architecture?

This diverse neighborhood of over 11,400 people was once inhabited by the Weckquaesgeek tribe of Native Americans. In the 17th century, a wave of Dutch settlers crossed the Atlantic and came upon the area and found the area’s loamy soil so perfect for growing wheat that the Dutchmen started to call the vicinity “Terwe Town” or “Wheat Town.” Due to constant mispronunciation, Terwe Town eventually became Tarrytown.

The Millionaire’s Colony

At the turn of the century, Tarrytown had established itself as a playground for wealthy New Yorkers, earning itself the nickname “Millionaire’s Colony.” John D. Rockefeller and John D. Archbold are some of the magnates and entrepreneurs who have built grand estates in the village, some of which still survive today. Hillcrest, Harden House, Carrollcliff, Jay Gould’s gothic castle Lyndhurst, and the Rockefellers’Kykuitare all worth a visit.

Vibrant and diverse

Nowadays, a new breed of entrepreneurshas made Tarrytown their home. Young business owners have set up shops, restaurants, and services, much to locals’ delight. Compared to other rivertowns, Tarrytown is economically diverse, and it is reflected in the local real estate. Reasonably priced housing options ranging from single to multiple family homes, co-ops, and condos are found throughout the neighborhood. If you’re not ready to buy, you’ll find that rentals are also offered.

Public Schools of Tarrytowns serves both the village and its neighbor, Sleepy Hollow. Tarrytown is also home to EF International Academy and The Hackley School.