Connecticut-based seafood market Fjord opens branch in Larchmont

Photo courtesy of Fjord Fish Market website,

Photo courtesy of Fjord Fish Market website,

Seafood is a booming industry all across the globe that one might find it difficult to come across high quality seafood raised in conditions that mimic the wild.

If you live in Larchmont and you’ve got a taste for the marine, however, you won’t need to drive all the way to Connecticut for fresh, quality catch. Fjord Fish Market, which has several locations in Connecticut, recently opened a branch in Larchmont at 134 Chatsworth Avenue. Fresh, responsibly raised and quality fish, along with hand-rolled sushi and a variety of hot soups, are now just a short drive away.

Owned by the Fjord family, the Fjord Fish Market fills the gap in the seafood market by providing wild seafood in partnership with CleanFish. The company’s methods of raising seafood in almost wild conditions guarantee that every Fjord market customer gets to go home with high quality fish.

“There’s been a dramatic change to the retail food landscape over the past 20 years,” Jim Thistle, principal of Fjord Fish Market, told Westchester Magazine in an interview. “Large grocery stores and chains have turned seafood into a commodity – pushing for lower and lower prices to pass on to customers. That means the quality of seafood suffers as producers raise seafood that grows bigger, faster, and more resistant to disease.”

Fish sold in Fjord Fish Market are renowned to be raised with no antibiotics and artificial growth hormones used. Another method employed is to raise fish in open water and low-density pens, which help prevent the spread of disease.

Are you thinking of making the trip to the fish market? Some of the bounties you’ll find include lobsters (available in to-go varieties), littleneck clams, locally harvested bluepoint oysters, fresh and traditionally prepared clambakes, and PEI mussels. You can also find pop-ups in the market that sell shrimp boils, Hawaiian poke bowls, and seafood platters.

Fresh, high-quality, and ethical, Fjord Fish Market is definitely making its name in Westchester County as one of the best places to get seafood in the area. It’s also one of the great additions to Larchmont’s thriving market scene. For more information, check out their official website at Meanwhile, you can read more about Larchmont here.