Harrison NY’s top-rated restaurants

Photo courtesy of Lago Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Lago Facebook page.

Harrison is home to an exciting assortment of restaurants, offering an unforgettable culinary adventure for diners. Restaurants in Harrison serve an eclectic mix of flavors from around the world, including Italian, Asian, South American, Mediterranean, and many more.

Here are some of Harrison’s top-rated restaurants:


267 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY

No need to fly to Japan for quality Japanese food – Harrison’s very own Hajime serves the finest sushi and sashimi imported from Japan and prepared using traditional Japanese methods. The restaurant is run by a master sushi chef who grew up in Osaka and started studying the art of making sushi at age 15.

To complete the experience, the restaurant is decorated like a local Japanese restaurant, making diners feel like they’re actually eating sushi in the land of the rising sun. Definitely a must-try if you’re into authentic Japanese cuisine.

Lago Ristorante & Wine Bar

97 Harrison Boulevard, Harrison, NY

Lago Ristorante & Wine Bar is an Italian restaurant that offers unique flavors from the historic region of Campania. Each dish gives diners a taste of Napoli, and is further enhanced by the restaurant’s impressive selection of wines from different parts of Italy.

Lago’s signature dish is the Pappardelle Lago Pasta, which consists of a variety of mushrooms combined with a light cream sauce, and flamed inside an 18-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano wheel.


109 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY

Quenas is known for serving authentic Peruvian cuisine. Each dish is expertly prepared by European chefs and infused with the distinct flavors of Peru.

Their menu includes dishes such as ceviche, tacu tacu encebolloado, lomo saltado, aguadito de mariscos, and other popular Peruvian dishes.

273 Kitchen

273 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY

273 Kitchen is a delightful Mediterranean restaurant that offers a daily changing menu consisting of locally sourced, seasonal dishes. Run by expert chefs Constantine Kalandranis and Hichem Habbas, the restaurant serves an enticing selection of fresh and healthy dishes along with regionally produced wines and craft beers in a welcoming and intimate kitchen-inspired space.

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