Home improvement ideas for winter

Are you ready to battle the long, cold nights of winter? Don’t worry — you can prepare for the months ahead by using these simple yet highly effective home improvement ideas:

Gutters and roof

Installing heated cables under the first few rows of your shingles will help melt the snow and prevent ice from accumulating on your roof.
Gutter guards can also be very effective in preventing clogs and ice dams.


Winter - GioHomesOne of the most fundamental parts of your heating/cooling system are your windows. To prepare them for the winter, you can consider changing a few of your window components. For example, replacing the glass with insulated glass can affect both your home’s temperature and electric bill.

Newer homes usually have super-triple-pane windows that have been treated with low-emittance (or low-E) coating. This type of coatingassists in controlling the amount and direction of light and heat reflected by the windows.
You can also consider upgrading to super windows, which have a mix of krypton/argon/air/gas between its panes. These are energy-efficient windows that can significantly reduce your energy bill.
Simpler remedies include cellular shades or insulating blinds. Adding caulk, a long-lasting seal, helps in locking in the window frame and setting up the shades.


During winter, it can be quite convenient to have a programmable thermostat (also called “t-stat”) installed in your house. These devices improve energy efficiency, and can be controlled wirelessly using your smart phone or computer..
With this kind of technology, you can schedule when to turn the heat up or down depending on which hours require higher temperatures.

Walls, plumbing, and pipes

There are many ways to seal every corner in your home. You should watch out for leaks and gaps where air can come in. To seal any potential leaks, you can use a variety of sealants like caulk, expanding foam, waterproof sealant, or weather-stripping.