How to Deal with Agents and Home Sellers

Most real estate agents will bend over backwards to accommodate their clients’ requests. Agents will comb through listings to pinpoint the home that closely matches their client’s specifications. Agents will also come up with options and solutions to bypass the bumps on the road that are sometimes part of the homebuying process. More often than not, sellers will adopt a similar attitude. They will inconvenience themselves to welcome potential buyers into their homes.

Meanwhile, the buyer can do well by keeping a few things in mind to make the process an even more positive experience.

Dealing with your agent

  • Resist the impulse to call your agent very late at night or early in the morning. An email is a more efficient way to communicate with your realtor during non-office hours.
  • Apply the same courtesy to sellers when you ask your agent to schedule home viewings.
  • Schedule meetings and viewings at a time that’s reasonably convenient for you. This way, you can be sure of being punctual to appointments.


Dealing with the homeowner

  • Let your agent contact the homeowner for you. No need to call the owners directly.
  • Be aware that certain homeowners have “shoe rules.” Before entering any listed house, ask if you need to take off your shoes or if you’ll need to wear surgical booties in the house.
  • Visit a listed home with your agent. Don’t do it alone. Once viewings are arranged, your agent will be on hand to assist you.
  • Find out ahead of time if you can take photos of the home. Ask your agent if it’s possible. Some homeowners prefer to maintain their privacy even if they’re selling their home.
  • Take the time to look around. Even if the house lacks curb appeal, you may be surprised at what lies within. Just follow the lead of your agent.
  • Make mental notes. Speak openly to your agent only after you’ve left the home. Airing your thoughts as you tour may compromise negotiations or lead to awkward situations, especially if there are things about the house you don’t like.


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