Say Goodbye to These Home Design Trends

Open kitchen shelving

Let’s face it: open kitchen shelves look good but are impractical. Just think about the dust accumulating on your dinnerware and grease splattering on kitchenware.

Update it with: Stylish cabinets using mixed materials and deeper kitchen drawers. You can add chic black stainless steel appliances (predicted to be big this 2016).


While driftwood is an interesting home accent, it can be troublesome to maintain. Unless you actually live on the coast,decorating your home with driftwood has been deemed out of style this year.

Replace it with: Real plants and flowers to decorate your living space.

Black and white

Although using black and white in the master suite or dining area continues to bring sophistication and glamour to a room, it can get dull after a time.

Update it with: A burst of color (like royal blue or bright pink) and some unique accents. Wood, for example, gives warmth to a stark white room.

The color marsala

Marsala is a reddish brown hue created by world-renowned color authority Pantone. It was named after the wine of the same name and in 2015, the company declared marsala the color of the year. It was used widely for accent walls, carpeting, and upholstery.

Replace it with: Pantone’s new colors for 2016: the blush-like Rose Quartz and the dusty blue Serenity. Combined, they represent “connection and wellness, as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”

Chintz and floral prints

Floral is a trend that’s endured for so long it’s become a classic. Over the years, floral evolved and became stylized (in geometric or watercolor treatments, for example). However, some classics must be set aside to refresh a room or make a home look more contemporary.

Update it with: Simple, unfussy patterns.


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