Westchester County’s best-kept secrets

There are days when you think you know Westchester County, but in reality you’re barely scratching the surface. We’ve rounded up some of Westchester County’s off-the-beaten-track attractions to help you get to know the area better. Thank us later.

daido-market1. Daido Market
522 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains

Daido Market is the best place in Westchester County where you can source burdock root, fish cakes, dried seaweed – basically everything you want or need that can only be found at a Japanese supermarket. On Sundays, you’ll even be treated to deliciously soft French creampuffs.

2. Cranberry Lake Preserve
1609 Old Orchard St, North White Plains

Westchester County has so many parks, it’s no surprise some are underappreciated and overlooked. If you’re looking for a quiet spot that’s just as relevant to Westchester County history as Kensico Dam, drive to Cranberry Lake Preserve. This 190-acre park is home to several historic artifacts, the beautiful and ancient Cranberry Lake, vernal pools, and more.

3. Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany (L.I.C.K)
127 W Main St at the Tarrytown Harbor, Tarrytown

For the finest ice cream in Westchester County, visit the Tarrytown Harbor, where you’ll find Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany. They’ve got a whole arsenal of high-quality ice creams, sorbets, and gelatos – all handcrafted to perfection using the best ingredients.

4. The Beverly E. Smith Butterfly Garden
19 Dudley St, Yonkers

Right off busy North Broadway, you’ll find a sanctuary the stuff fairytales are made of. Welcome to the Lenoir Preserve, one of the most overlooked parks in Westchester County. This 40-acre park is home to the Beverly E. Smith Butterfly Garden. For a fee, you can enter this butterfly and bird haven, regularly maintained by the Hudson River Audubon Society. It’s also one of the best spots in Westchester County to observe hawk migrations come spring and fall.

5. The Newington-Cropsey Gallery of Art
25 Cropsey Ln, Hastings-on-Hudson

Westchester County has no shortage of art galleries. To get to this beautiful gallery, look for a little blue sign past the Metro-North parking lot, which will take you to the Newington-Cropsey Foundation. From there, you’ll be greeted by the Gallery of Art in all its Gothic-Revival glory. Guided tours are scheduled by appointment, so do call ahead. It’s worth it.

That’s just five of Westchester County’s best-kept secrets. For more information about the community, log on to this page.