What’s it like to be a Realtor?

Giovanni GonzalezAt first glance, becoming a professional Realtor seems exciting – you get to present stylish and luxurious properties, helping buyers and their families find the ideal home.

Many don’t realize being in real estate can also be very stressful – you’re entrusted with one of the biggest transactions in someone else’s life, so there’s often very little room for error.

In case you’re thinking about a career in real estate or simply curious about how it’s like to work as a Realtor, here’s a look at some facts about the profession you may or may not know about:

  • The degree of difficulty and how long it takes to get a real estate license varies in each state. Every state has different licensing laws and requirements, which can also change over the years. Knowing what each state requires will give aspiring Realtors a good idea of what to expect, and will also save them plenty of time.
  • You may be your own boss, but that doesn’t exactly mean freedom. A Realtor may be in charge of his or her own hours, allowing them to work from home most of the time, but don’t forget: most of their customers have regular nine-to-five jobs. That means Realtors often have no choice but to work in the evening and during the weekends for open house tours.
  • Being a Realtor means playing multiple roles. There are a lot of emotions involved with buying or selling properties, so you’re responsible for counseling your clients and helping navigate them towards the right direction. At times, you’ll need to serve as their educator, counselor, life coach, financial advisor, and maybe even their babysitter.
  • Success depends on a variety of factors. The housing market is affected by many different factors, such as the time of the year, employment outlook, and the stock market. Slow seasons are the worst – competition is difficult, with different agents going after the same clients. On the other hand, a booming market can also be very challenging with too many buyers going after few properties and too many agents chasing after few prospective home sellers. Perhaps success in real estate sales only comes with excellent service, knowledge, consistency and the commitment to always serve the client’s best interest.